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  1. Never have a chance to post here at all XD So, I'll be there since...Thurs. So Hetalia cosplay that I'm bringing for the weekend will be Norway, Knight!Hungary(that chibi version yesss), RevWar!England and Gakuen Hetalia I might add more tinto the list depend on my group, But Definately do Norway for Friday. I'll have Sweden, Denmark, Icaland and possible Finland with me too XDXDXD
  2. So, My plans so far are mostly cosplay that I couldn't get done for 08, Kingdom Hearts; Sora Roxas Naruto; Naruto Uzumaki (shippuden) : Again, I will be Naruto for 09 XD Well, it's so much fun to cosplay him. I don't care if people think it's overly cosplay. Fem!Naruto For Naruto prom D.Gray-man; Allen Walker (secend uniform) Gravitations; Shuichi Shindou Reborn!; Tsunayoshi Sawada I'm not sure about FF cosplay for next year, if my friend come with me I might do Rinoa,too. I might change my mind again who knows XD
  3. Well, This will be my second convention in USA, and My First Otakon. ^^ I'm going as Sai, problably for Friday shoot. Shippuden Naruto(one in manys out there) And also Ronin!Naruto(his outfit from 6th shippuden ED). I actually have Sasuke with me. But at some point he's kinda cosplay for the fan girls instead of cosplay becasue he likes to cosplay. Oh well.... I hope I find Sasuke there, I know I will, lol And Aurora Marija, I will def hug you this time! XD (Sorry I miss that at ANext)
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