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  1. Oh snap, that's a lot of people! XD; It's gonna be awesome, either way, I'll totally be there to watch! (And drag my friends with me lol)
  2. Dude, that would be fantabulous. I remember rushing home from school every day so I could catch DBZ, Sailor Moon, and Tenchi Muyo on Toonami. The fanart segment they sometimes had made me really excited about drawing anime because I could see other kids were doing it, too.
  3. Hey, I've got another question. Is it alright if we sing a song that's sung by a j-pop singer, but only about half the lyrics are in Japanese and it's based off of a song originally created by a non-Japanese singer (say...Celine Dione XD). I was thinking of singing this duet between Ito Yuna and Celine Dione, which the former has out as her own single so it sort of counts as a J-pop song (kindasortamaybe): http://youtube.com/watch?v=LPurpy0-l8I ::waits excitedly for packet::
  4. Fight skits are always cool. But only if you know what you're doing and don't try to jump and flip around everywhere looking cool. No use in getting hurt. If anyone does this, it's cool to choreograph stunts and do it to music. Making it funny and stupid also works! Ha, my school's Lunar New Year festival included a lot of that... A DBZ or Sailor Moon skit would make mine and my friends' days, martial arts or no. Better yet, a Power Rangers skit would be total winnage. ::hinthintnudgenudge::
  5. Hey, sorry to bug, but has the package gone up yet? Just want to make sure no deadline missage is happening here. I'm really excited! Can't wait to audition and see the performances in August!
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