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  1. Yeah, all of these sounds excellent, unfortunately there isn't anyone dressing up as zombie so far. Or we could all act like zombie at a point in time and slowly march to Starbucks together.
  2. I know that I'm going as a ninja, but as also a zombie fan, I really like to see hordes of zombies staggering around Otakon. So my question is, are there people out there doing zombie group?
  3. Excellent guys, we should definitely all go as ninja. If you have friends who are interested in joining the army of shadow warriors, please tell them about this idea. I intend to go ninja for 3 days in a row.
  4. Ah, I kunoichi (female shinobi) I have played the Tenchu games, and I agree, Ayame's definitely got it going on
  5. I'm excited to see a female ninja. I don't know if anyone played Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven/Tenchu: Kurenai, but Ayame has a great ninja costume, not to mention sexy.
  6. I practice aikijujitsu and kendo, but if you add the sneak-factor in and shuruken, it'll definitely be similar to ninjutsu.
  7. One healthy ninja advice: don't sit on the floor even if you're tired.
  8. Also, this doesn't have to be a ninja-only discussion, I want all the pirate and zombies to participate. So if anyone is cosplaying pirates or zombies, feel free to share your ideas.
  9. I normally go in costumes that can be easily removed without too much effort. My personal policy is that once I stepped out of the convention zone, I'm in regular clothing, unless if I'm in the mood to get the normal citizens' attention. Cheers.
  10. Greetings! I want to start a ninja group, so my 2 important questions to everyone are: 1) Are you cosplaying a ninja? 2) What type of ninja are you? Please respond me via email and we can discuss about this if you guys are interested. I respond quickly like a ninja would. Thanks. Gary
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