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  1. Thursday night- a feminized, yet conservative version of Harry Potter Friday morning/afternoon- Blue Mary from "Fatal Fury"/"King of Fighters" Friday evening/night- see Thursday night Saturday morning/early afternoon- ginjika version of Bellossom from "Pokemon" Saturday afternoon/evening- She-Ra from "She-Ra, Princess of Power" Sunday all day- random (blond) female Gryffindor student
  2. I'm bringing two costumes that are vastly different from one another: Princess Peach from Mario/"Smash Bros." and Professor Remus Lupin from "Harry Potter". These will be worn to their respective series photoshoots ("Smash Bros." at 2pm on Friday and 1pm on Saturday, "Harry Potter" at 11:30 am on Sunday), but otherwise I have no real set schedule on when I wear what.
  3. There are two "Smash Bros." photoshoots scheduled- one on Friday at 2 pm and the other on Saturday at 1 pm. I plan to attend both as Peach (albeit in her "standard" 2002-present ballgown, seen in "Super Princess Peach" and all "Mario Party" games from 4 onward). If I can manage, I'll bring my Toad plushie, my Veggie/turnip (watch out, it's a stitch face!), frying pan, and Beam Sword/light saber with me.
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