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  1. I got a myspace too! It's fun! http://www.myspace.com/kappalizzy
  2. Yeah the weather was just amazing wasn't it? Really I cherished this lovely we had.
  3. Can't be as bad as Disney when they tried to do the live action Sailor Moon movie.
  4. Heheheh I'm used to it. After living in Houston,TX for 26 years and dealing with that kind of crazy weather I laugh. Plus this global warming bites.
  5. WOW WOW!!! You guys at Otakon are amazing!! That was COOL. I loved them both!!! CHEERS!!! ^^
  6. I will be at both cons this year. But at New York Anime Festival I tend to do fan support for Kappa Mikey- while I also help my pals at Media Blasters. Plus Anime USA I may be doing a panel there as well as helping media blasters but please PM me and tell me more
  7. sorry I am trying to see this from all angles not looking to insult anyone. I see lots of things on tv of the image then looking at the clothes changing their sizes makes you wonder what's up. My bad I wasn't insulting anyone at all. and Infamous really? That sounds awesome!! You go girl :-D
  8. Honestly I think there is. It's what the fashion Industry expects not what you really are. Like example your mom, the fashion industry doesn't expect your mommy to be that small. They expect your mom to be big, wearing relaxed clothes not Xsmall/small stuff even in petites I find that stuff is still too big for me. It's sad but they think once your 30 ++ you let yourself go. Sad truth I like to prove these buttheads in the fashion industry wrong. I rather see it like this. What is your natural build? Do you have small bust or a big bust? As a kid where you chubby or always skinny?
  9. Everyone have some faith in Fox they might actually do a good job.
  10. LOL I used to wear relax after my brain tumor surgery- blasted steroids but lost the weight quickly in time, My mom has trouble finding stuff why she likes to get stuff from Mexico or other counteries.
  11. hmph my pal Adam got Wii & Super Smash but he says he needs to beat the complete game first before Sonic can be relieved as a Bonus character. I so hate you Nintendo. p.s. the description for this forum area isn't that the code for Sonic 3;s level select?
  12. Nice comment topics and pics.:)

  13. Things that annoy me is not a misspelling but the slang "TeeHee tee hee" or the "O_o uh yeah..." Because after that someone provoked a flame war but all the meanwhile they act all innocent about it then afterwords they post, " Aww calm down tee hee I was jokin" I got a few words to say to miss troublemaker but I'm too god of a person to use such mean words.
  14. CHEERS I love to help you cause I love helping people out when they need it. But since I am staff & will be in my department I can't. But good luck finding the right people! :-)
  15. O_O *Heart skips a beat* OMG...OMG...OMG.....EEEEEEEKK This is awesome! Seriously?! A CB movie?!This is awesome!!
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