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  1. *coughItachi-bakacough* Soooo..... I'm not dancing at the Prom. I dunno how. XD
  2. I agree with Itachi-baka. *nod*
  3. Good advice. No matter what I do though. I'm still a shy person and blush too damned easily. XD
  4. ^.^ *happy* Since I'm going to be Hinata, I was thinking about running up to a random Naruto cosplayer, holding out a small bouquet(SP?) of fake flowers and saying, "N-naruto-kun, I love you" All Hinata like. XD It helps being able to blush so easily.
  5. That would be awesome. As Hinata, may I glomp nyou and then blush like crazy?
  6. Oooooorrrrr you could just wear a simple light purple/purple dress...>.> I'm wearing a blue-green dress with a black net-thing over it that is really sparkley for Hinata...>.> Sakura and Tsunade forced her into it. XD
  7. Welll..... She is tall, *cough*5'11"*cough* and skinny, but strong. If you want a beter description, her myspace is... www.myspace.com/Kureama I think.
  8. Ohhhhz. I'm borrowing my friend's dress. I was origionally going to be Temari, but then my friend decided she was going to be Sakura instead of Hinata. So, I reclaimed my title as Hinata for the prom. ^.^"
  9. Meep. Awesome! Yay! Kakuzu is cool! >.< Dates are annoying to get, which is why I won't go to my prom, either of them. I'm afraid I won't get a date. XD But, yeah. Kakuzu. Prom. Fun. XD
  10. (I wasn't sure if this was to go here, but it is about cosplay, so... yeah. XD) Okay, so, there is a Naruto Prom going on, Saturday (9th) @5:00 p.m on the third floor terrace. So, I was wondering who knew about it and who was going. ^.^" I'm going as Hinata, and currently awaiting for a date...>.> My friend who is going to be Sakura is going with someone who is being Kakashi. So... if anyone is interested, IM me! ^.^""
  11. Well, I'm being Hinata and SNJ Kiba if that helps at all. I may be Temari as well. >.<
  12. I am going with my best friend and around... 20 other people I don't exactly know. XD This year is going to be awesome! Sharing a bed with two to three other girls would be especially fun. jk... or am I? >.> But yeah, just my friend and twenty others I don't know.
  13. I went to two cons before and never found anyone... but then again I am quite shy in person, unless I'm with some of my friends that I've known for a while. I tend to open up a bit. But hey, it works when you're cosplaying shy characters... My friend, on the otherhand, has had relationships with people that went to Otakon. (I wish I was that lucky) XD
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