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  1. WARNING: Not a medically advised treatment of shyness or symptoms related to thereof. Side affects may include perverseness, loss of inhibitions and random sexual behavior. Itachi-sama is an habit forming drug and should only be used on a temporary basis. Sexual desires caused by Itachi-sama may inhibit ability to operate machinery and should not be taken before driving or operating other machines. Changes cause by Itachi-sama are not guaranteed to be for the better.
  2. lol If you can survive an encounter with me, the life changing Itachi, then you will no longer be as shy as Hinata. For I am Itachi-sama and will change your life just like I did for my otouto and the uchiha ichisoku.
  3. ^.^ *happy*

    Since I'm going to be Hinata, I was thinking about running up to a random Naruto cosplayer, holding out a small bouquet(SP?) of fake flowers and saying, "N-naruto-kun, I love you" All Hinata like. XD It helps being able to blush so easily.

  4. Oooooorrrrr you could just wear a simple light purple/purple dress...>.>

    I'm wearing a blue-green dress with a black net-thing over it that is really sparkley for Hinata...>.>

    Sakura and Tsunade forced her into it. XD

  5. Ohhhhz. I'm borrowing my friend's dress. I was origionally going to be Temari, but then my friend decided she was going to be Sakura instead of Hinata. So, I reclaimed my title as Hinata for the prom. ^.^"

  6. Meep. Awesome! Yay! Kakuzu is cool! >.< Dates are annoying to get, which is why I won't go to my prom, either of them. I'm afraid I won't get a date. XD

    But, yeah. Kakuzu. Prom. Fun. XD

  7. (I wasn't sure if this was to go here, but it is about cosplay, so... yeah. XD)

    Okay, so, there is a Naruto Prom going on, Saturday (9th) @5:00 p.m on the third floor terrace. So, I was wondering who knew about it and who was going. ^.^"

    I'm going as Hinata, and currently awaiting for a date...>.> My friend who is going to be Sakura is going with someone who is being Kakashi. So... if anyone is interested, IM me! ^.^""

  8. This Otakon will be a happy reunion of myself and hopefully 2 of my good friends from home, A couple of others that I will be picking up on the way down and meeting the Canadian Contingent that shares the room with us. The more the more fun. Never quite know how many people are going to be in my room until they all get there haha.

    and I love making new friends from all over so don't be shy and say hi.

  9. I am going with my best friend and around... 20 other people I don't exactly know. XD This year is going to be awesome! Sharing a bed with two to three other girls would be especially fun. jk... or am I? >.>

    But yeah, just my friend and twenty others I don't know.

  10. I went to two cons before and never found anyone... but then again I am quite shy in person, unless I'm with some of my friends that I've known for a while. I tend to open up a bit. But hey, it works when you're cosplaying shy characters...

    My friend, on the otherhand, has had relationships with people that went to Otakon. (I wish I was that lucky) XD

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