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  1. 12 on Fri? Crumptes! I woulda love to take shots of the group man and give y'all some hi-res shots of it, but I leave from NY to get there on Friday, I seriously doubt we'll make it by 12
  2. Heeey there, I'm Earl Zeratul M. and I'll be attending the 08 Otakon Con searching for the best and most orignal (and most well-designed) cosplayers out there to photograph for yourrr vieing pleasure. I'll have them all up on a flickr in nice big sizes for y'all to chose from and I'm in the process of setting up some sort of print system i.e you email me which ones you want printed, I get them printed as a 8x10 or 5x7 and then let you know how much shipping and and all would be. Primitive but the best I have right now. Anyway, I hope to see you all there and for those curious if I'm an
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