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  1. Well, in 2005, my friends called me up the day before or of (I can't remember) and told me to pack for Otakon. They came to kidnap on Friday to go down. XD
  2. If I have a camera this year, I will be a photographing fiend! XD However, I need to get one in the next month because mine broke last Otakon. T_T
  3. If my dress is considered Lolita, I'm going. <.<
  4. I'm going with my boyfriend and his friend. We are meeting our roomies down there.
  5. Wooow! So many more Dragonball cosplays that I didn't know about. We have two photoshoots already set up during Otakon.
  6. Heck yeah, there is. Friday: 8 PM by the fountains Saturday: 5 PM by the fountains It's going to be epic!
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