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  1. I was Kamina from gurren lagann ... Kinda short, skinny wore glasses Danced alot..... if anyone saw me please tell me Heres what i looked like http://media.photobucket.com/image/kamina%...ton051.jpg?o=12
  2. ... oh so much fun Kamina doing the carmelldensen was def epic in it's self.
  3. Dude, You would rock totally if you were to pull this out.... You have the power of the Gurren Burgade to push you to put logic aside. ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWA
  4. I am thinking of sticking as kamina or or or being Sokka from Avatar or maybe Ike idk but it will probaly be Kamina from Gurren Lagann x.x And ANYONE ELSE WATCH THAT TRAVASTY OF A DUB -.-.
  5. Yeah i was there last year... as my first con i would say AFter going to NYAF then to AnimeNEXT or even I-CON (long island sc-fi anime con)... If you like buying stuff then NYAF is your place.. there are alot of nice cosplay.. but not alot of room for many other things expect for the maid cafe... i thought it was fun The musical guests they had was good (Voltare ... Happy Fun Smile ECT) Other then that it was alot of buying.... you should come to see it your self its pretty small area compared to otakon... for they don't rent out the whole Javits Center.... Unless maybe in years to come they w
  6. It was just an idea a good one maybe we can find a couple of us and do it x.x idk It was worth a shot
  7. Didn't they also Push back The Harry Potter Movie To The 17th Of July just an idea.
  8. 1.The Friday Gurren Lagann Photoshoot.... and sat gurren lagann pinapple worship 2.Meeting ALL THE New friends i have met.. 3.seeing the faces of people on the forum
  9. I really don't know i would need a picture i can't remember that much Haha
  10. Gurren Lagann FlCL Ouran High School Host Club Eye Shield 21 (Manga)
  11. myspace.com/iloves0s here is my myspace
  12. Just looking at your avatar, I think you were the Kamina I was talking to in the artist's alley. I was the Komusubi from Eyeshield 21. If you aren't the person I saw then you can just write me off as crazy, lol.
  13. I was a Kamina ... here is a pic for reference http://www.acparadise.com/ace/picview.php?p=e608_1732 Is the only Kamina in the photo So if you saw me well HEY
  14. My Check List.... 1.Pack Cosplay 2.Pack Ramen 3.Pack all the stuff to make me not smell 4.Pack in general 5.Not Die Thats about it
  15. I would say.... TTGL ... A picture of Ether Boota, Simon or Kamina ... NO Yoko I hate Yoko.
  16. So The Gurren Lagann Gathering for Friday is gonna stay at 7:00 PM.
  17. Well i got some stuff 2 do... 1. Try not to get deathly sick 2. Make sure my Cosplay is all finished and I have enough supplies to last me the 3 days. 3. PACK!!!!!! 4. Try to get a job. 5. Try Not To kill my parents with talk of Otakon. 6. Hang out with my friend and get talk about skit for NYAF 7. Eat Ramen
  18. I bought mine at first , now my friend made mine for htis year's otakon... and hopefully i will make my next cosplay which is gonna be Yuki from Gravitation
  19. GURREN LAGANN ^_ ^ Speed Racer XD Gravatation Ouran High School Host Club
  20. Oh because all my other cons i been to didn't reqiure it so i didn't know Thanks though.
  21. Me and my 2 friends... my friends sister and her mom/dad are going together... its gonna be a great time i am looking forward to my first otakon
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