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  1. Sailor Mercury, Just have to finish the wig and buy the costume with graduation money. The other days i'll wear Lolita and a Kimono ( saving money for an AWSOME next year. )
  2. Wow, we just brought our anime club back from the dead, and this brought alot of insight. The club was horrible last year, but this year the pres. and me(VP) are going all out, fundraising for a secret end of year event ( ITS BIG!) lolita/cosplay tea party-picnics, cosplay halloween parties, probally gunna bring them to the con at towson, movie screenings, eating out at japanese restruants, and the all time fav. of watching anime. And we're just a highschool club. I guess that means we're doing a decent job.
  3. I send you a message about the skit. ^-^

  4. Two people at least needed for skit to work, must be a naruto cosplay, perferably akasuki,cannot be tobi or deidara, no singing,dancing,are talking required, may involve tacky hand movements. PLEASE PLEASE, if you would like to message me so we can work details out. Thank you lots.
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