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  1. As far as equipment goes for Otakon 2009, we're going to have just as much stuff if not more than last year. You don't need to bring your keyboards. As far as the name goes, we are officially JamSpace, as we had been at other cons in the past but were renamed due to JAM Project at Otakon 2008. As far as getting the band together goes, best of luck.
  2. I'm actually considering cosplaying this coming year... IF I do, I'll probably do Alex Row(e) from Last EXILE
  3. Hmm... I'd say the best part for me was seeing a bunch of younger people playing instruments, and have the older, more experienced people encouraging them to keep going instead of ruthlessly bashing them. To see a group of people that have never met before do something so encouraging really helps to renew my faith in people.
  4. As far as gymnastics goes, I was watching it last night... And the USA was SOOO CLOSE to pulling ahead of China in the end, but they wiped the floor with us on the floor routines. Even without the deductions for the fall, and the 3x 0.1 deductions for stepping out of bounds, (read: total 1.1 point deduction), the chinese girls had better routines, were MUCH cleaner, and did things with literally no faults.
  5. I second this. There are some pretty ok dj folks at the con and they should be able to play there too
  6. I was working directly with the DSL-A&V guys, and even with the con closing at 3pm, all of their packing and stuff wasn't going to be done until at least 3am. Not only that, but after we closed the room down, kicked everyone out, packed up the equipment, packed up all of our stuff, packed up the hotel room, packed up my car, drove out of Baltimore, and got home, it was 8:00pm. I sleepily stumbled into the shower then went straight to bed. I had less than 10 hours of sleep during the entire con, so I'm kind of glad that everything shut down at 3.
  7. Escariot


    I can't really say anything for the Dealers Room, but I know that things get very tiring very quickly down in the Artist's Alley. I was down there helping out a friend (Kroze from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series) for about a half hour, and it gets really tiring repeating the same information time after time, keeping a positive disposition, and doing the whole picture/autograph thing. Like I said, I spent around 30 minutes down there, then had to get back up to Club Otaku, but I can't imagine what it's like doing that all day. Also, I know for a fact that the dealer's get there really early, beca
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