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  1. I'm amused that no one has figured out that first of all, shinigami being souls can only be hurt by a "soul cutter" zanpakutou so that means pretty much no naruto character can really inflict damage on them. On the other hand, because Naruto series has things like the 4th hokage's soul sealing jutsu which almost seems like it was made to kill shinigami, it's kinda a pointless battle.
  2. Nahahaha, if there is an army, then the well armed Asain ninja-samurai must join. XD AIM me at "rosedgunx" to chat and figure out hang out possibilities. -Personal Stats- Name or Alias:: Hisuitsume Age:: 20 Male or Female:: Male Do you need sleep at a con?:: Yes, need about a minimum of of 6 hours every night. Plus sleeping with a buddy is very fun. wink.gif Drink or smoke:: Never smoked but drinks socially Tell us about yourself:: Second time going to Otakon, Have been to 3 Fanime Cons by the time Otakon rolls around and is set up to attend Anime Exp
  3. We think about how the very word cosplay breaks down, we see that it means essentially costume play. Therefore by it's very definition it includes anything that involves dressing up in a unique costume that is either different from everyday wear or a unique combination of closet wear that makes a reference to a specific character. Correct me if my research is wrong, but this term itself was originally created by the Japanese as a fusion of the two words costume and play with their quirk to shorten and meld words to create new terms to describe brand new phenomenon. Therefore we can suppose tha
  4. 2 Days left, is this all the people that are coming or just the ones actually not lazy enough to post and read up on the forums?
  5. lawl, how do you kill some1 who is already dead Pein? I'm a manifestation of Itachi's dead spirit, muhahahaha, I'm invincible!
  6. Haha! Even if you find a Sasuke, you will have to fight me to earn them back from my Sasuke Harem. Muhahaha! Long live the Uchihacest! I look forward to beating you Naruto, I can't let Pein know his girl is having an affair with me afterall. lol
  7. Oiy, that's Itachi-sama to you. And try to get cotton for the clothes, they will breathe better since it is a Prom and thus dancing will be involved.
  8. Are you doing good Tobi or evil Tobi? Cause if you're doing good Tobi and you've got Noobie Cosplay Symdrome already before the con's even started, you might want to avoid me and me gf on Sun as I am going as good Tobi and she's going as Deidara. If your confidence hasn't been boosted by complements by then.
  9. Woot another Sasuke! +1 to Itachi's Dream Harem no Jutsu. XD
  10. WARNING: Not a medically advised treatment of shyness or symptoms related to thereof. Side affects may include perverseness, loss of inhibitions and random sexual behavior. Itachi-sama is an habit forming drug and should only be used on a temporary basis. Sexual desires caused by Itachi-sama may inhibit ability to operate machinery and should not be taken before driving or operating other machines. Changes cause by Itachi-sama are not guaranteed to be for the better.
  11. lol If you can survive an encounter with me, the life changing Itachi, then you will no longer be as shy as Hinata. For I am Itachi-sama and will change your life just like I did for my otouto and the uchiha ichisoku.
  12. Once, you get going, just do the cosplay thingie. Go into your character and forget who you were before that. That way you'll be doing a good cosplay as well as getting over your nervousness. And a good boost of confidence is all you need to realize your cosplay was great.
  13. I'm jus wondering here, I'd love to see a Neji/Tenten cosplayer in prom outfits, is there anyone where doing those? Perferably ones who aren't crossplaying.
  14. Hokage Naruto huh? Can I find you on Saturday and demand you give back the power I gave you? lol
  15. a black and simplified design kimono?
  16. Yay! Yet another Akatsuki member!
  17. vwaaaaaaa. You have to let me get photos of all you guys. Or I shall steal your volgola rings to complete the 7-3 set.
  18. Update: I have managed to get together all the materials I need for my part of the prom outfit. All that's left is to see if the girl half can be found. Then once I have all the parts, commence operation make-a-cheap-ass-last-minute-cosplay-modification-costume. XD
  19. I pride myself on the ability to do many different characters and switch between them almost instantaneously without ever breaking character. uh.
  20. The very first day?!? How troublesome....
  21. BTW, I'm just wondering, since it's a crossplay that your friend is doing, how does she look. I usually look for strength in guys that cosplay as guy characters for a more realistic fight and looks in girls that crossplay as guy characters for the better photo shoot opportunities.
  22. I will attempt to throw together a random tux like version of the Akatsuki stuff so maybe I might go with K. We will see.
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