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    Gaming:<br />Soul Calibur, Kof, Bioshock, Half-life, Guilty gear, BlazBlue, UNreal tourtment, Rise of Nations, just to name a few.<br />Cosplay:<br />Anything that lights up, armor and props, and Comissions as well ^_^<br />Anime:<br />i will watch anything once but happy girly anime not my thing, it needs to have a good story with amazing plot twists. and hopefully blood and gore

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  1. the first few years are always rough, i am glad to see ya made it though, hey mabey next year you can gun for a 2 day con
  2. If all works out and he gets done A very large mech of sorts =P as well as raph from soul calibur 4, and i think i am getting dragged into some kurogane costume*i have no clue if i spelled it right* Though the mech comes first more on it as it progresses
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