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  1. I'm going to be Zoey from Left 4 Dead (but the cosplay will be done right unlike many other people )
  2. nix

    Vocaloid '09

    i'm going to be hatsune miku and my friend is going to be kagame rin
  3. nix

    Otakon 2008 photos

    (geez, I'll only post in this topic 56497813 more times) Otakon - Friday and Saturday - Animejutsu.com
  4. Did anyone see the short, girl, Blu Scout? That was me.
  5. nix

    Otakon 2008 photos

    Otakon 2008 - Friday & Saturday
  6. My brother and I are both going as scouts (I'm going to be Blu, he'll be Red). I used to go to Otakon when I was 3-5 and I want to see how it's changed since I last went in the late 90's/2000.
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