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  1. Well.....I feel that Otakon (and most cons in general) is supposed to be full of Asian culture....stuff....so when I see Star Wars and Futurama cosplayers running around, part of me feels...well...weird about it. BUT at the same time, I feel like "Oh, that's a pretty cool looking Bender! And his...flapthingy opens!". BUT AGAIN, at the same time, I see stuff like Doctor Who and ...SpongeBob...and am like "Wtf? Why...?" I don't know. I might just like the cosplays from shows/movies/stuff I know and love and the others are meh to me. I guess my answer is very unclear and I really don't have
  2. I guess the Rinnengan are going to be sparring against the Sharingan. Konan, what have you doooooone?! Pein rules. | | | |
  3. If they're close-minded, there won't be any getting through to them. You cannot change a closed mind. If they're open-minded enough, fine, their horizons will be broadened; however, if their minds are so closed up to only those things that they like and they won't allow any room for something different, then the heck with them, they shouldn't go to a convention and keep complaining. There will always be others who will go because of the word of mouth that gets to them from those with open minds.
  4. Good to know about the "official" photo shoot times. I guess I am retarded but I could NOT find them anywhere on Cosplay.com. =/ And of course! =D Just let me know what time everyone is meeting up to hang out and stuff. Maybe PM me your AIM or...something? I think I could throw in a few hours of my life in the middle of three days of the awesomeness that is Otakon! I havn't seen too many of Pein but there isn't much to know about him yet. The new Manga has me really excited that we might actually learn more about him but as soon as I saw the eyes...I knew. lol I think my costume is p
  5. Are those official photo shoot times? I will be going as Pein. =) I know there will be a lot more Akatsuki members floating around amongst the 22,000+ people there but it's cool to see that, just from this thread, we will have a lot of them.
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