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  1. Hey everyone! I've got myself a rather silly idea, and there's all the reason in the world to start planning early. I'm sure many of you have seen this picture: http://giapet.net/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/glcosplay.jpg Kamina and Simon. But Simon in Lagann. Is that not a fantastic thing? If you check out Bored Horror's profile at cosplay.com, you'll find pictures of her Simon from Sakuracon 08, where she was in a cardboard replica of Lagann. So, it's doable. I'm tapping whatever fonts of inspiration and knowledge I have available to me. How might any of you suggest going about
  2. 1. Being there with friends. This made a HUGE difference from when I came back in '05 basically by myself. 2. Each time I was stopped and asked for a picture. 3. Each time the picture was followed by a hug request. The first one was from a Tsunade cosplayer on Friday. A rather auspicious start. 4. Meeting and talking with Mookie (Dominic Deegan) and Jim (Morlock Enterprises) again, in AA and the Dealers' Room, respectively. 5. Giant infant Tetsuo.
  3. Definitely going to try out Terra from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.
  4. Artist's Alley -Second to last Dominic Deegan scarf -3 badges (Sora, Roxas, Riku) from the table right next to Mookie, Snafu Comics -a print of Zack Fair messing [censored] up around Fort Condor, by a nice Canadian woman whose name I forget. I forgot the print at my friend's place, so I don't have it or the card she gave me. -A stuffed Paopu fruit keychain. Dealer's Room -A plush Mario ?-block that makes the coin and mushroom noises when given a bop. -Small Haruko Haruhara plush -Large Roxas plush -10 The World Ends With You pins from the Kingdom Arts booth -A Revoltech
  5. I think I counted three or four Genesis cosplayers, myself included. I was generally walking around with a shoulder bag. No sword, but if you stopped me for a photo, I gave you a choice of props.
  6. Confirmed: I'll be working at the castle. Hopefully I'll make some nice money. If not... then, at least before seating begins I get to stand about with a large battle-axe.
  7. Costume? Done. Hair? Done. Props? -Apples - Done -Sword - Canceled -Potion - In my fridge, waiting for me to be brave enough to try it. -LOVELESS - Modge Podge drying, waiting for felt lining in compartment. So yeah. For all intents and purposes, I'm finished. Good luck to those of you still cutting it close!
  8. Following tradition, my group will probably be playing poker back at the house Friday night. We don't know yet if there's anything of much interest past 10 that night, so we may call it early and play some cards.
  9. Times for some updates on my end. Once again, Genesis Rhapsodos. Copy of LOVELESS is at 75%. Just a bit more of pages to cut out, then gluing the inside and out. Felt-lining, and then binding it all together for a great-looking big book with a couple versions of the poem, and a nice compartment for putting stuff in. Maybe my PSP or something. Sword hasn't been worked on at all. I got a little discouraged, because carrying a SOLDIER-issue sword as opposed to his signature rapier would probably be OOC, I was told. But I could easily do a SOLDIER 3rd or (edit: 2nd)-class Genesis
  10. While I'm not a B-more resident, I am somewhat familiar with the area. I'm from Severn, about halfway between Baltimore and Annapolis. I WILL be going with a number of friends/coworkers who themselves do live in the city. I think the main hangout for the weekend will be at a house in Pigtown, right on the other side of the stadiums. Just a few-block walk. As far as bars go, I've always enjoyed going into Fell's Point, and have hit up Federal Hill a time or two. However, I think the majority of any partying will be going on at the house. It's much easier to just buy a bunch of six or twel
  11. Little update. My copy of LOVELESS is at about... I'd say 50% done or so now. I've got a gutted biology textbook outside in the garage with glued edges drying out (with some horseshoes and a big socketwrench box weighting it down so as not to warp), which I'll be binding to the cover currently in my lap. Working with some leather cord right now, lacing the edges. The shoulder pads attached to the SOLDIER-emblem belt won't stay on worth a hoot, so I'm sewing velcro to the undersides of those, and the shoulders of my sleeveless. Hopefully that should keep it up. Anyone have a suggest
  12. I love medieval times! i went there for my birthday and had a blast. thats awesome that you work there..... are you the knight with the long hair in a ponytail? oh wait, that's like everyone
  13. Character: Genesis Rhapsodos Anime: (Game) Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core (unless they do some sort of anime about that time) Number of Props: 5 (but three of one) Prop Name: Sword, copy of LOVELESS, Banora White apples (3 of 'em) Percent Complete: Costume - 90% Waiting on my boots to arrive so I can put those little belts together. Also might get a haircut, after which I'll get some color in. Sword - 45% I'm not attempting to make his rapier, this is only my first time constructing a sword. Instead I'm making a standard SOLDIER-issue sword. I've got a fairly refined c
  14. Kinda sounds like how I was, I pulled my last pay check out before I could spend it and put it in an envelope. Now I get payed 2 more times before con, once next week, and one thursday day of badge pick up, so I'll have to swing by work get my pay and drop it in the bank and remove the money friday morning before heading up.
  15. I've still got props to work on. Besides that, I guess I should establish meeting/driving/parking arrangements with my friends. Oh. And also I'll be doing my best to pick up as many shifts at work as possible. I love my coworkers to death, I'm okay with wearing the tights, but it's just my luck when I serve people who leave me ten dollars or less. Come on, there's swag I gotta buy in a month!
  16. AAAAAAH GENESIS!!! My friend is an obsessive fangirl of Genesis....so I need to get a picture of you! It's amazing you are going to have a dumbapple and LOVELESS. ^^ Are you going to quote any of LOVELESS?
  17. Just got my pre-registration out of the way. I'm... currently surrounded by craft supplies. I've got a silver apple drying outside with botched-up clear-coating, and I'm in the process of figuring out how to go about mocking up my copy of LOVELESS. You'll see me around as Genesis.
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