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  1. Yea, you guys seriously are awesome! Thank you so much! After all, there wouldn't be an Otakon without you guys.
  2. Congratulations. Any word on how many estimated other attendees?
  3. Ahahahahahahaha aheee ahooo ahaaa. Kudos to whomever started or supports this thread. I'm not hating on Naruto or Bleach either (I personally can't stomach Naruto; Bleach isn't so bad, specially the manga). They just bring up a good point. *Cough AC cloud and L too *cough Meh, you can't blame the series though. Popularity is just popularity.
  4. Wow there's a lot of talent going to OTAKON! I had no idea! I'm a 7-year guitarist and vocalist, decent keyboardist and sax player, and proficient enough on bass and drums. I'd love to jam if anyone's interested. I'm with my entire band the whole weekend so definitely check us out!
  5. I'm going with everyone I went with last year, plus my band's Bass player, Mike (also known as He-Fa or Man-Tifa) All together there's eight of us: 3 girls, 1 guy and the 4 of us in our band. Not sure what everyone's going as; I know me and my drummer are going as Hank and Dean Venture, and at one point the four of us will be chicks from FF7 and 8
  6. There are plenty of bars in Baltimore. The only problems are, not everyone who wants to party is 21 and the patrons wouldn't be from OTAKON. If those don't bother you, then a bar is your best bet. Otherwise a hotel room or a friend's residence nearby is the place.
  7. Making your costume is the best part! Besides all the pictures It's cheaper too!
  8. Hey SPETSNAZ! I remember you from last year. I was the MGS1 Ocelot with Naked Snake and EVA. It's a shame I'm not doing it again....although I'm tempted to....
  9. Please Please Please get a zombie group going! That'd be so cool! And it's so terrible, cause I'm cos'ing as Hank Venture with my friend as Dean, and I don't know which I want to do more: Join in on the zombie madness, or be able to say, "Zombies, bro!!! Super run away!"
  10. There's a lot of Ragnarok costumes---that's awesome! I'll be cross-playing Yuffie as part of a 4-man (and I mean MAN) FF 7 & 8 crossplay group.
  11. Alright then. Thanks so much Dom for all the info. Looking forward to meeting you and possibly playing with you and the talented fellow musicians I'm sure I'm meet. -Paul from KOTR
  12. Hey everyone! My name's Paul and I'm with a band named Knights of the Round We cover video game themes and anime openings/closings and we've been together for about a year and a half. We'd soooo be interested in playing. This is awesome you've got a setup exclusively for bands and music. I got a few quick questions: Do you have details as to where and when this panel/programming is, and how to sign up? We'd like to notify our friends and fans ahead of time if possible. We have our own stuff; which includes 5 pc drum kit & cymbals, 2 Guitars and 2 amps, Bass and a
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