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  1. There's also D-Grayman, Kimba the white lion (IIRC), and a few more. I may be wrong but I think there are about twelve total.
  2. Cash, because counting out and having a limit on the money makes me less likely to spend it on things I don't really want. ;D
  3. I'm not thrilled about the cast list either, especially the two main characters. Though I really love their choice for Mori <3
  4. Anything Detective Conan or Detective Loki (I apparently have a thing for pint-sized detectives who are secretly adults) Hana to Yume Furoku (*.* you can never have enough) Shinshi Doumei Cross/Arina Tanemura things Cell phone charms with really stretchy straps (I love ordering off Strapya but my phone is really thick and they usually don't fit >.>") Big sheets of anime stickers And in artist's alley, I have got to get some specific plush commissioned. ;-; Someone at Animazement was going to do it for me but she never did >.>" They're easy to do! (If you happen to mak
  5. Would the stuffed character happen to be named "Ecchan" or "E-chan"? If it is and you're the main character from that certain series, I will have to fangirl when I see you =) If you have no clue what I'm talking about, excuse the interruption...I just had to ask ;D I've never seen anyone cosplay him before Back on topic, a headband or bobby pin glued to the bottom of the stuffed animal would definitely work. If you used a few bobby pins it'd probably be less noticeable than a headband. (: Good luck~!
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