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  1. More specifically, if I want to see a skit that I was in could any arrangements be made to view a video of it if such a video exists? Sorry, the edit option dissappeared.
  2. I've been wondering off and on if there was any way to see videos of skits from the masquerade. A number of the skits are on youtube, but there are several not on there. Is there an official video at all or is it strictly streamed to the projector feed. Is the tape sealed away in the Otakorp Vaults for 50 years? I saw the thread about the prohibition of selling a video of the cosplay but if I want to see a certain skit that has not been uploaded is there anyway or is the show meant to be 'art of the moment' only? Thanks.
  3. People always had my back, like when a $20 bill fell out of my pocket or I dropped my cell phone or bag. Very nice.
  4. A bobobo bobobo manga from Sasuga, a kuroneko pin and a few bottles of ICE COLD WATER!! FOR A DOLLAR!
  5. I must say they thought they were TOO AWESOME to bring their band on tour. Can't say I agree with that, but I did enjoy their setlist. The audience was less than enthusiastic compared to other con concerts I've been to. . .
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