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  1. New topic thread... "My ______ ate my badge!!! what do i do now!!" (fill in random what ever ) you KNOW its gonna happen!
  2. mine has not moved in 24 hours :/ July 9, 2015 , 11:04 pm Arrived at USPS Origin Facility WARRENDALE, PA 15086 <--- last scan wth? that's 1,5 12 miles Should it not have been scanned SOME place by now???
  3. WE HAVE TRACKING # SIGN!!! -sounds alarm bells and lights. Yes I have seen too much MST2K..
  4. I just want my tracking # cause A) the mailman ALWAYS come by when I'm not home... & 1/2 the time there is no notice left even though the tracking info says that there was,,,
  5. Contact us through the help desk (help.otakon.com,) but honestly I would give it until at least Monday. The holiday weekend probably threw off the mail a bit. The only Postal holiday last weekend was Sat. July 3 was a normal workday for them. So having only 1 day and that being a Sat off CAN'T have messed things up that much... ref- https://about.usps.com/news/events-calendar/2015-postal-holidays.htm
  6. So what will happen if come the 10th if still no badge an no tracking #???
  7. no Badge No tracking number .. ordered 3/24/2015 10:39:42 PM and I live VERY far away ... I bet I will get a tracking # just in time to find that it was sent back... :/
  8. Still waits for her tracking # :/ cues up Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers performing The Waiting....
  9. you will have to msg for help this happened to a friend of mine and is somehow got registered under a diff member ID # Ok! Who/what do I message in particular? http://help.otakon.com/ links + e-mail link there.
  10. you will have to msg for help this happened to a friend of mine and is somehow got registered under a diff member ID #
  11. Was this the first time u checked today? Or did it just come up? I checked mine and there was still nothing, if yours just got updated within a 1/2 an hour or hour, maybe mine would come up soon. Hoping I get mine tomorrow since I'm off from work all day, I work all day Friday... Uhhgg, sooo excited that otakon is right around the corner, just want my badge to come asap. I think I get way more excited for otakon then Christmas. Lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I still just got a blank space for it on mine :/
  12. Still waiting :/ for badges And or tracking # T_T
  13. #1 did you have to sign for it? #2 was there a tracking # on the package?
  14. I read this and it made me realize I've watched disney movies too many times over as a child. Sorry. I know that was off topic. =^-^= I knew someone would get that quote!
  15. I have things delivered that require signature all the time. Most of the time I am not home to get it... 1 time out of 15, they will leave it w/o a signature (fail PO ) .. 50% of the time they will SAY they left notice when they have tried to deliver and there will be nothing there... IE I have only the the tracking information to go on to get the item . which i must print out and then bring to the PO to get what ever was being sent to me. THIS is why I'm so hyper about the tracking number. w/o it 1/2 the time I have no way to know that a delivery was attempted...
  16. The key issue still is,,, WHERE ARE THE TRACKING NUMBERS .... We have computers that handle huge amounts of graphic data to play fancy looking video games and display 1080p blue ray and most home PCs have TB hard drives and GB of ram, not to mention multi core CPUs. even an outdated 10 year old PC can crunch the data of 10k tracking numbers in under an hour and a newish on in seconds w/o breaking a sweat. So I REALLY do not get the issue here ,, it completely escapes me. you are you using (used) a shipping firm to get them out... are they completely incompetent? They should have known wha
  17. ---Logs in.. checks... YOP! No Tracking numbers... Why am I not surprised? I think I'm gonna have a heart attack and die from NOT surprise!
  18. It will be almost impossible to get it w/o the tracking # because I don't know when to expect it. I am NEVER home when they try to deliver something that needs to be signed. and and over half the time there is NO notice left. I have to print out the tracking info,, and bring it down to the PO.. to get any said item.. If i fail to get the badge before I leave... I won't be my fail.. I'm sure... I have been checking every day and still no tracking #.
  19. i'm just getting very frustrated with this all...
  20. TICK-TOCK TICK-TOCK What's that sound? Why thats credibility waning fast!
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