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  1. Just got my new computer system built . Expect to see me playing TF2 a LOT more. Steam ID: Abubacar
  2. I am pretty sure a lot of people actually skipped other conventions or expenses this year just so they CAN go to Otakon. Last year was my first otakon and i couldn't imagine missing out on it. I will be there if i have to pay with pennies found on the sidewalk. BUT luckily i won't have to do that because 7 months of job hunting FINALLY paid off!
  3. So i've been pretty busy (you know that life thing...), so forgive me if this prereg question has been answered, but when does it close? But atleast i am all ready for the con. I ran out of moneys so i couldn't do a new costume. :'( I am lucky I am even going. (figured this thread would be good since its a pre-2009 thread)
  4. Last year we listened to songs from the then unreleased Rock Band 2. And on the way home watched AMV hells.
  5. If i didn't have a severe hatred for anything that apple puts their name on, i might be interested in this... But i think i will just stick to my PS2 Katamari.
  6. oh man no love for the 360! Playing on 360 is a blast. 2fort, 16 players, no time limit. I basically just run around and kill everything insight. Pretty much just death matching. The players on PC are SO much better than on xbox, so if you want to own anything that comes near you, i suggest 360 TF2. On that note, i FULLY agree that tf2 on the 360 (the game itself) is total garbage compared to PC. I mean, you can still launch people with medic needles. And you can get into BLU's spawn on 2fort. Seriously, they need to patch this thing. Not to mention, i want a sandvich.
  7. Funny is when you work your butt off for 11 months, then work like a madman for a solid week, to bring other people 3 days of fun, and you don't get to see it yourself.
  8. There were a whole bunch of TF2 cosplayers last year, so i assume you all actually play the game. So do you play on PC, Xbox, or PS3? Whats your Steam ID or Gamertag? Lets get an Otakon game going! I play both PC and Xbox (right now xbox because my PC is sort of on the fritz). My xbox gamertag is abubacar and my steam id is also abubacar. Add me and lets play some tf2~
  9. Like everyone said, its up to you! I personally only wore 1 costume last year. Sort of. I was the Scout from TF2 who's costume consists of basically pants and a tshirt (either blue or red). So on friday i was wearing my red shirt and saturday i was blue. But really my stuff wasn't stinky anyway. Wear your costume as much as you like, but remember to bring some anti-stink stuff and a change of plain-clothes.
  10. Isn't it funny how we wait basically 11 months for 3 days of fun?
  11. Oh, nice. How far do they actually go, like do they go out of the city limits at all or no? From the look of the website it seems like just downtown, but im not very familiar with the city.
  12. Hey bit of a late response but i agree pretty much fully with all of what you just said. This game is awesome. Provided the lines are ridiculous (haha yeah right) i should be attempting to own some nubs in the game room.
  13. I sort of wished i could have gone but i still had a fun thursday anyway. I actually didn't see anyone giving out any tickets or the mini-contests i was told about. Did i miss these or did it fill up by like 7 when i got there? The movie looks good though.
  14. Between noon and 3, we had 5 rooms running live programming, all of our video theatres running, major autograph sessions, all the exhibit halls (dealers and artists) open and running at capacity, our closing ceremonies and con feedback sessions, and three musical acts performing. That's more than many conventions have all weekend... But as we say, you make your own con experience.
  15. Found it! I'm having someone rip it from vinyl as we speak and I'm hitting up the remixer to make sure I can play it. If it's fine (I'm sure it will be) it'll probably be what I open my set with. I go on right after Maiku on Friday night. Hahaha thats awesome! I was just sort of wishfully thinking, but now you know i have to go see your set now. Haha. i look forward to it.
  16. The raddison was a pretty nice hotel. Rooms had ample floor space, but the beds were a little small (i wouldnt really want to double up in one with someone (unless we were very close XD)). But the hotel had really good placement too. Walking back from the con, if you took a left, it would take you to the hotel, if you took a right there was a tasty subway there. I liked it.
  17. I got a call from my buddy, same one i roomed with in 2008. Telling me how much i owed for 2008, and which hotel we were staying at in 2009. So yeah, we are pretty excited.
  18. Did anyone see the train of Death note and TF2 Cosplayers all killing each other. It was a TF2 Spy disguised as an apple who was being chased by a Ryuk, who was being bonked by a scout (me), who's name was being written in a Death Note by Light, who was being backstabbed. My friends and i started the original train, but have only found 1 picture of it so far. Anyone see this at all?
  19. I thought 3PM was pretty much standard, most people don't really stay that late anyway. I know my hotel checkout was at noon, so we left around 1. Not much to do IMO.
  20. hahaha, seriously? You would have to be crazy. Plus they said its not really necessary to line up for thursday night pickup. I know i am getting there around like 7ish.
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