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  1. Character: The Scout Anime: (Game) Team Fortress 2 Number of Props: 3 Prop Name: 1 Scatter gun (shotgun), 1 pistol, 1 baseball bat. Percent Complete: 98% Just need to put an orange tip on my scattergun, do some weathering on it, and finish some details on the pistol.
  2. Having someone give you some help through tight spaces is always good. I've had to help a few people with large props before, otherwise they would have never made it through a throng of people.
  3. 2008 will be my first otakon, but from what friends have told me there is a subway like 3 blocks from the BCC. Sounds like a good lunch to me. Plus, get a $5 footlong, and save the other half for when you get hungry again 2 hours later like i do.
  4. actually, don't post suggestions on that thread. that's only for finalized gatherings
  5. http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=140394 That is the original post on cosplay.com's otakon subforum. If you guys want to suggest a meeting just go and post it on there. I am going to edit my main post and include this link. I am actually surprised no trigun gatherings are happening, i thought it was fairly popular still.
  6. I dunno how many of you visit the cosplay.com boards. Someone posted a very large list of gatherings for 2008. I thought i would be helpful and post it on the otakon boards so everyone knows when they can gather. Here it is: Thursday, August 7th Burst Angel (Gathering 0): Time: 3/4:00pm Location: Outside Fountain Doors J-Rock (Gathering 0): Time: 5:00pm Location: Inner Harbour Skywalk Air Gear (Gathering 0): Time: 6:00pm Location: Outdoor Fountains One Piece Gathering/Dinner: Time: 6:30pm Location: Inner Harbour by large boats Soul Eater (Gathering 0): Time: 10:00pm L
  7. Are the passes on like a first-come-first-serve basis? Or what? And i am guessing this is on Thursday at 8:15? The promotion page didn't really clear it up for me.
  8. Chopping a pair of reading glasses is probably the best bet, judging on the monocle he wears it looks like thats basically what it is (at least thats what i see on the internet i haven't actually ever seen hellsing). Try to find a round one (preferably without frames if possible). And then just attach a little necklace chain to it somehow. Probably soldering would work well. I would definitely spend some time on the monocle, it seems like a very big part of the costume. Good Luck!
  9. If playing anime themes would be the tv version or the full version. I would be willing to drum The world (death note), Ride on shooting star (flcl), orange range (bleach). As for non-anime songs, some good rock and roll is always fun. I espically know songs from rock band, since i play that a lot. This does need to get organized though.. this is such a good idea.
  10. So Otaku Ru, did you figure out what color of soldier you are doing yet? Just curious/excited to see fellow TF2 cosplayers.
  11. I would be good with just some jamming. Set up a key, timing, and just play and have fun with it.
  12. I am a guitarist/bassist/drummer and plan on atleast going to club otaku at one point. Though i don't really know many anime songs. A few bleach songs but, i've never played any of them.
  13. I know i am picking up my badge Thursday night, so i don't have to wait in line Friday morning. I don't really like lines so i try to avoid really really long ones. Also i live in Pittsburgh so trying to get in front of the BCC at 5 in the morning means no sleep for me Thursday night, and a really miserable and tired Friday. No thanks.
  14. So apparently there has been a Rock Band 2 in developement, and is set to be released on the xbox 360 September, 2008! In Addition to 84 new songs on disc (ALL MASTERTRACKS) most, if not all, of the disc songs and DLC from Rock Band will be forwards compatible with Rock Band 2. I personally cannot wait. Here is the song list http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_songs_in_Rock_Band_2 Also they are supposed to realease limited edition guitars and drums for the game. The guitar is an actual Fender Stratocaster that has been gutted and fit with guitar hero buttons (professionally not the f
  15. I thought that the cake was actually real because at the end it shows you that cake? I think it was just before the credits with GLaDOS singing. Anywho yes, portal is amazing, i actually don't think i have ever heard someone say anything bad about it...
  16. I plan on going as a scout aswell.... dang there is going to be a lot of scouts... oh well! SCOUT RUSH! I really look forward to seeing a bunch of other tf2 cosplayers and hopefully set up a splash screen photo. Any idea if there is going to be a tf2 photoshoot? If so my buddy (who is going as a BLU spy) and I (RED scout) would love to be there.
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