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  1. Did anyone get any pictures of Alto Saotome from Macross Frontier on Saturday? Heard quite a few shouts of "Alto-hime!!" as I was walking around
  2. At most cons, cosplay gatherings (photoshoots) aren't organized by the convention itself. It's usually by attendees who start a gathering thread on the convention website and/or cosplay.com. It usually ends up being something like: -Thread is formed with a title like "such-and-such Gathering 20XX" -People will post who are planning on attending and what they are cosplaying as -Sometimes the thread starter will compile and constantly update the first post with this information -Once enough interest is generated, the posters will plan amongst themselves in the thread about a time, d
  3. Name: Alto "Hime" Saotome Series: Macross Frontier Prop(s): Paper airplane Status: -battle of the wig: complete to the best of my abilities -pants: complete -shirt: finishing patch **Overall Status: 90%
  4. Well, update for my cosplay list. Didn't have time to get Commander Simon finished so instead I'll be brining my new Alto Saotome (the battle of my first wig ended last night) from Macross Frontier. Debating on what day to wear it. Probably Saturday to avoid damaging the wig while I rock out to JAM Project on Friday
  5. I make all of my cosplays myself ever since I started cosplaying (2003). For me the feeling of making it by myself and going to cons is so...gratifying. Especially when people comment how nice it looks or any other compliments it just makes me feel pleased that I did it by myself. I only had to commission a prop from a friend cause a college dorm was not a good place to be doing that sort of stuff. Working with epoxy was bad enough . Though now I'm experimenting with prop making and a tad of armor. Man that stuff is expensive to fiddle with
  6. As I'm traveling from the West Coast for this...I'm still debating on how much I want to carry over with me . My Kurogane from TRC won't be making the trip due to how difficult it would be to get that sword across the US in one piece... So far I'm debating on: Seto Kaiba (Battle City) - YuGiOh! Duel Monsters Assassin - Raganrok Online Chrono - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Kyon - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Colonel Roy Mustang - Fullmetal Alchemist And should I actually finish it, time-skip Commander Simon from Gurren-Lagann.
  7. Wearing an undershirt helps to keep your cosplay cleaner as you wear it. Or depending on the cosplay you may have to modify the undershirt to keep it hidden (like no sleeves or widening the collar).
  8. If I don't get extremely lazy I might have my time-skip Commander Simon cosplay completed by the con. Though not too sure if I can make the Friday gathering as the JAM Project concert is also that evening...
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