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  1. I don't think you're being overly shallow wanting a not-fat hygienic guy who has intrests other than anime and is cute. What bothers me is your asumption that most Most otaku guys don't fit those standards. As for the nerd coment, if you're already enough of geek that you go to an anime convention I don't think you'd be too happy with a completly "normal" guy.
  2. Me and my friends are going to be out front or anyowhere around otakon doing multiple dances and anyone can join :] Were bringing a boombox too.
  3. Really though, she was being very honest. And also I see you're saying with the, "right now, just cut out the average part." Now that I read it over it is a little shallow, but as I said, very real. But I wouldn't go as far as saying, "good looking guys will cheat on you." Firstly, it is making you sound almost jealous, or like you have a inferiority complex and are almost admitting you don't think you look good yourself. "Not-so-good-looking guys/girls," will cheat, if it's in their system, just as much as anyone else. No, they won't sleep with good looking people, but they'll
  4. Haha. VERY real. I appreciate it. I really feel the same as you by the way (My soul mate?! haha.. : P). In all honest, if I was with a girl first, and then she got.. well... bigger, that's okay. But, while personality makes or breaks a person (in my book) looks also matter, very much, especially when first seeing someone. I am however, a "nerd," in other ways. I love cars. I watch anime once a blue moon, I play some games sometimes. Can't deal with that?! haha : )
  5. I agree. But I think that they do get paid. o 3o;;
  6. I'm picking up my badge thursday night so I'll probably just walk around with my crowd of friends and just go with the flow. We'll be like a big pack xD WE might go out front with our boombox though and entertain people in line with our dance moves like parapara lucky star and hare hare yukai.
  7. Most otaku guys aren't my cup of tea. xD I'm really judjmental, I know personality is important but I can't date a guy who's fat, unhygienic, and he has to be at least someone hot or cute or even average for that matter and no nerds btw. And I don't really like "otakus" I mean I like anime but I want my boyfriend to also be sane and like things outside of anime. I have High standards I know. Sorry. ;-;
  8. Yuuki Cross from Vampire Knight of cource! :] Can't wait!
  9. Man everyones bringing a lot of money ;__; I'm bringing 100 dollars in all since I live right next to otakon well not right next but watever. xD But my cosplay cost 110 dollars. 100 dollars for food and dealers room .___.;; I think I'm gonna ask for more...
  10. I'm hoping there better then last year. D: Hmm they porbably will have The melancholy of haruhi suzumiya <333 Which I would adore. Or anything new related. I especially wishing for VK badges since the anime recently came out. :3
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