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  1. I already asked this question before but, I have a faux lead pipe made of wood. It look's pretty realistic, but like I said before, it's only wood. As I know it says bo-staffs are acceptable, I'm just a but unsure as to if this is. So would a piece of wood made to look like a lead pipe be acceptable?
  2. (this sounds realy dumb but, oh well) I'd like to thank those people who wanted my picture, even if I wasn't cosplaying as anyone specifically. It made my day!
  3. i got a black lace parasol a yakuza mask a death note a Doctor Who button chips aka fries Jelly Fist I feel Sick issue#1 Everything Can be beaten Bad Art Collection
  4. Okay, I want to go as a yankee girl. And i read through the rules and it seems the item I want to bring ( a lead pipe) wasn't specifically prohibited, but I want to make sure. It says "no tempered steel" And i assume metal things that aren't pointy/sharp, are allowed. ( I saw some metal keyblades around) And, yes, i am aware it cannot be over 50lbs. I'm not going to swing it around, more than likely it will be a walking stick There no malicous-ness or threat intended, it is merely apart of a costume. edit:(Yes, it's a long way off, but I want to make sure I'm allowed
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