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  1. I have a suggestion man. Have small dj time slots too. There are plenty of people who can do some sick turntablism and spinnin. plus. you can have the option for a band or jam session with a dj. Ya know? like linkin park style or slipknot style. Scratchin goes with everything. I think 15 min time slots would be cool. Find someone to donated turntables and cdj's for the convention. I know those slots would fill up big time. I know ill be there to rock out next year mang.
  2. lol! haha yup thats you mang! My girl and I we sittin against the wall outside of the room. she was wearin a white dress, i was wearing a superman teeshirt. You almost fell over into uss shakin our hands. lol You were tellin me about how long you have been on your feet and magcon. Now I can place a face with Board name. sweet. kudos again brotha. Add me on myspace.
  3. What did one of us look like? =P
  4. Okiee Lots of great things to say about this. Friday Nite : Wow. The visuals were great. Music was great. Massive Congo Lines. lol! Me and my girl were sad that Axiom wasnt playing. I was looking forward to hearing it. But on the plus note The first dj on was great main room then... Maiku! holy crapazoid. He was awesome. I love Trancey Scouse. very fun to dance too. Its much like the stuff I dj. I was upfront the whole time with my pika girl rockin out. He tossed me two of his tracks fresh out of the CDJ which was awesome. If anyone has any contact info on him, i would like to drop him a
  5. Awesome idea. I loved it. Hope to play next year. Cheers to you guys. I got to meet one of you sittin outside that room sat towards the end of the club seesion. Much respect
  6. Hrmmmm. Def a pricey but fun weekend! This was my first one so I prob spent money where I didnt have to but Ill know better for next year. FOOD - prob like 100$ for the weekend. ( Treated myself at Big Kahuna with friends...worse shrimp ever. thought it would be nice since this was my summer vaca...should have had a V-8 instead ) DRINKS inside - 10 or so TICKET- 65 DEALER ROOM - 24$ on Cyber Goggles (freekin sweet) - 2 Bucks on Raffle tickets - 14$ on wallscroll - 2$ for Blinkie Thing outside of Convention ARTIST GALLERY - this is where i spent most of my $. abo
  7. holy crapazoid. its like the line for the Wii
  8. Is it possible to find Slayers Stuff at Otakon?
  9. Im going with my Girl, Smurf. Shes dressing as a shmexy pickachu and ill be a poke trainer. I cant wait. Shes been going for years. this is my first.
  10. I would like to find some old Slayers Stuff IE>> Wallscrolls, Artwork. Hmm, Cool Cyber Goggles would be fun. Ive never been to Otakon b4. Im excited to see what is there.
  11. Ill tell you what. Im gonna throw down on the drum and jam out with someone. I think it would be fun. I dont have anyone else coming with me that plays so hopefully one of you guys will rock out with me I play guitar too but im lefty and I def cant bring my les paul. Anywho, Im all about music. Kudos to the Otakon Jam session. Anyone down with music is good in my book.
  12. Do it for next year. that sounds great. I <3 Toonami
  13. TROGDOR!!! BURNING THE COUNTRY SIDE!! lol very nice. Im Scottie btw

  14. yeh, my girl told me that the lines are big. in times like that a little pretend ddr on the carpet passes the time.... well for 5 mins then i feel dumb. hahaha im just happy me and my friends never run out of things to say. hopefully there are some cool people in line with me and I can make some new buddys!
  15. my first otakon member friend! Yay!! :) Im Scottie, nice to meet ya

  16. I Play Lefty Guitar, drums and I DJ on the ones and twos. Oldskool with Vinyl of coarse. CD's are fun sometimes too though.
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