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    Cosplaying Halibel and Misa Amane. Anime interests: Full Metal Alchemist, Trinity Blood, Kiddy Grade, Witchblade, Bleach, Death Note, Basilisk, Vampire Hunter D, and Ninja Scroll.

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone got pictures of the Halibel, Szayel, Il Forte, Zangetsu and Orihime/Matsumoto group on either Friday or Saturday. I've been scouring the Picture thread and there are no pictures of the Bleach photoshoot that has our whole group in it. Help please!
  2. Definately will be going as Halibel!! I'm part of an epic Bleach group of so many members I can't even remember who all is going as what, I think this is our current count, including people we'll be meeting up with: Szayel, Urahara, Orihime, Aizen, Renji, Nel, Il Forte, Noitora, Zangetsu...and many others....!!!!
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