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    UPDATE! my cosplay is officiall, 100% finished. woot! special thank to my friend cheshire cat, and his glue gun of DOOM!!
  2. huzzah - photo op!! xp i'll be there as miroku friday and saturday - see you there!
  3. alright, inuyasha, looks like it's just you and me. see you at the con!
  4. like they said, have a handler - not just to lead you around, but to make sure no one messes with you. stay in the main rooms - tight spaces or the dealer's room will not only be impossible to navigate, but may damage your cosplay or something else. also, SMUGGLE IN A WATER BOTTLE - whether the con is air-conditioned or not, you WILL get dehydrated. wear it either one or two days, during the busy afternoon hours, but only for those few hours. you want people to see your creation, but you want to enjoy the con, too! hope i see you there - i'll be the oversized miroku with a camera. xp
  5. while cosplaying may have been primarily meant to describe asian culture, i don't believe it should be so strictly adhered to here in america. we've adopted cosplay and made it our own, just as we have with anime. it's only natural that american culture (spongebob, batman, etc.) will supplant itself smoothly alongside the adopted asian culture (anime, manga, etc.). so yes, in summary, i think it's a good thing. behold, the great melting pot at work! oh, and if the deli's still open, there's a cat playing bagpipes. (sorry - got too serious for my own good - had to let slip a lit
  6. Meru

    Cosplay Stats

    Miroku [from InuYasha] 90% complete just have to finish the top of the staff. cosplay is 100% homemade and hand-sewn. O_o sometimes i think crack really WOULD be cheaper. xp
  7. just wondering if anyone else is cosplaying as a character from InuYasha. i know a full group complement is damn near impossible, but it's tough to be a lone monk drowning in a sea of ninjas and soul reapers! (i'll be going as Miroku, btw) so... anyone else?
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