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  1. I would really like to see these titles at the con especially sunsoft collection and quarantine i also wondered if you sell flip tops for the slim ps2 thanks. - Sunsoft Collection -The King of Fighters Nests(NeoGeo Online Collection the Best) -The King of Fighters Orochi Collection (NeoGeo Online Collection the Best) -dot hack quarantine [english version]
  2. Oh so there are specific vendors that are allowed to sell snacks.THNX
  3. I read that dealers are not allowed to sell snack foods whats with that? how am i gonna get my pocky fix during the con?
  4. I read that otakon stops each day around 12 o clock midnight what do people do afterwards? Just curious, oh and the dark knight was awesome and pineapple express comes out on the first day of otakon any movie theaters in the area and anyone planning to see it
  5. Anyone here play? anyone bringing their game to otakon? just wondered
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