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  1. Alright 6 month mark till my birthday. Time to figure out what I want to do rather than sitting in Greenville for New Years. Any suggestions?

  2. Bout to go eat some caramels dipped in milk chocolate #soedge #ROLO

  3. I totally take my job serious, good night.

  4. I just ate a whole box of oatmeal cookies. Why? Oh yeah its Sunday. Mikakunin de Shinkoukei - Mashiro-tan Dancing!: http://youtu.be/d8MIAW2vYhc

  5. I didn't choose the adult life, the adult life chose me.

  6. No game, no life turned out better then I thought. Funny anime that makes fun of real life games

  7. Seems love live season 2 only goes to episode 8? .....fun...... Going to bed early, it's one of those nights that I'm just hating everyone equally.

  8. This night is slowly getting more depressing to the point it's sapping my energy. I woke up at 3 pm which is normal time being that I'm third shift, but I already feel like I want to go back to bed and just be finished with the day already.

  9. Don't forget, 1 month to the new sailor moon. Have a sneak preview of the remake. Leaked funimation footage meant for AX! http://youtu.be/SHficeNF_Y8

  10. Well guys, aniplex announced that 4kids is dubbing kill la kill. Have fun with the preview. Good night :/ http://youtu.be/55iX64NmUDA

  11. HAHAHA HAHAHA momocons new hotel is getting wreckt by pissed off people. You have to pay 40 dollars extra a night if you don't prepay. Yeah that 129 a night they are advertising? People are finding out its really 169. False advertisement for the win!

  12. Oh did I forgot to mention, we had some random drunk guy bust into our room at acen. ONLY WHEN YOU ARE HAVING FUN AT A CON DOES THIS HAPPEN!

  13. The downside of working third shift. The post office closes at 5 pm :P

  14. Everyone went to bed! Boooooored

  15. Thank you chicago PD for being useless and not checking the pawn shops for my gear.... Hey, anyone that feels like ripping off people, CTA is the perfect environment since you can get away with it scott free!

  16. Goodbye laptop, turtle beach headset, madoka movies bluray set, madoka another story book and REI backpack. CTA is next to useless in lost and found

  17. Lol, got banned by the acen fan page because a guy stalking some girl got called out. Willow, staff should seriously cut support to that page and let them find their own crap.

  18. Seeya chicago. ...make sure you find my backpack. Had a fun con,.met awesome friends, involuntarily cockblocked a thirsty individual, raved to madoka music.

  19. Trains are running very quickly and on schedule. Goooooood, gooooooood

  20. REMINDER: Never have phone in hand while massively drowsy. You hit stuff on Facebook that could result in massively awkward issues.

  21. Hayley Decker I just bit off one of the wake up girls heads :P stalk their twitter

  22. Little do the unaware chicagians know, the blurly look dude sitting at the bus stop looking all mean and all....is listening to madoka soundtrack in his headphones....

  23. I'm changing fuel filters rather then doing the ---- I need to do today. Never tell your family what skills you have.....ever

  24. Brennan West omg, look who it is. The pilot to San jose we had from 2 years ago http://www.blogsouthwest.com/video/flashback-fridays-mad-dogs-last-run/

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