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  1. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cosplayer-countdown-a-new-years-eve-party-tickets-9270675841 Showing up just wearing a sock. ...yes, one sock and that's it What? Its in the rules, says its allowed! EAT THAT JERSEY SURE DOUCHEBAGS, WE GOT YAYA FUNBAGS!
  2. Best advice ever for gun control advocates that want to ban guns completely. "Everyone wishes we could go back to the 90s, but we can't, now theres the Internet"

  3. Even halos earth invasion scenes couldn't compare to the feels mass effects caused

  4. Everything you need to know about psycho pass

  5. Everytime someone mentions Yaya doing something, it will be followed by dramatic music like its something totally serious Such as Have you heard? Yaya is eatting a salad!

  6. Go away Sayaka, you are not allowed to take Mami's place as my favorite magical girl. That being said, I found the cutest video and I am going to bed

  7. Hey Mr. Freeze whats the weather going to be like in greenville tonight?

  8. hey...Scott McGirr I have a question for you

  9. I love how amvs will use a song that I would usually never listen to, but now I love the song that I went and actually bought it

  10. I love the macross franchise because of the usual love triangle story and impossible odds enemies.... But what I really love, is the first time ship transformation scenes and macross f did the best one

    Ps. Sheryl is a hoe, ranka should have won, the movies are dead to me
  11. I swear.... With not going to otakon, crap with the apt, my boss being an annoyong up your ass moron and more This is how I feel and I'm about to crack on someone

  12. If I ever come to your house and suddenly want to clean, dont take offense to it please. Sometimes I jist get the urge to clean stuff. Also, it would prolly go something like this

  13. Its going to be a sayaka kind of week....

  14. Its time for another con, lets getb in the mood

  15. Jo for your betrayal, I will dokafiy everything you every known

  16. Just like y'all to know.... Less then 15 hours left

  17. Just made 13 dollars by walking in walmart for 10 minutes and shooting photos of a display, then walking out, some chick walks by, in I ---- you not, a yoko wig, skull hairclip and all, pretty dang cute on top of that and then this plays when I turn my headset on...

    Another unknown greenville cosplayer found Maybe I will get in work and find out my supervisor got hit by a car, that will make this day da best
  18. Oh n. Korea, you so funny

  19. Oi, out of eyedrops and my eyes feel dry from my contacts. Oh, thats alright, I have this

    Shut up sara
  20. Only three more days till I have to suffer this

    And https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX_P8aWMWrc&feature=youtube_gdata_player For 8 hours to Ohayocon
  21. Real footage of Hayley Decker at her job at alc press teaching english to Japanese students

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