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  1. Hmmmm, it looks like katsucon will be getting the ax this year in my convention plans

  2. Ohayocon roommates, under 2 weeks warning

  3. Lol, jimmy John's facebook page blocked me after I outed them and peter fox for the grand bill of 1200 dollars in unemployment I have to pay back for that they won on an appeal based on a lie. I think its time to teach them what happens when you piss off the wrong person over social media.

  4. Well, hard dilemma time.... To go ahead and get the ultimate madoka figures or cancel the preorder tomorrow... I will have enough, but due to the craptacular overpriced shipping that costs more then half the figure itself, ill be left with about 70.bucks in my account verses 259 not getting it..... Major thing I'm worried about is Mami from the same good smile series literally tripled in price...this one may quadruple...

  5. ....facebook, are you revealing my birthday already? We need to have a discussion

  6. Freezing cold here tonight..solution ? Pull out left over fabric fleece and be toasty

  7. Christmas is over. Any radios still playing Christmas music shall be shot on sight

  8. Dear leeches It makes me hate you so much more knowing that you are in a better position then I. You know exactly what you do. If you don't, I seriously want to slap your head off your shoulders. It pisses me off to no end that while I spend my money on necessity such as food, rent, contacts, and other quality items rather then bs parts, I may lose my chance to get one of the best madoka figures. While people sit here, blow all their money and then half ass everything and have others to cle...

  9. Watching walking dead ep 1

  10. What a wonderful Christmas present! Getting my stuff thrown out because the neurotic bitch swears there is some mythical bug biting her and only her

  11. Thank you deviant art, I love getting garbage in giant screen filling format on my home page as soon as i navigate to your page. Shitty furry MS paint and emo wrist slashing poems

  12. My ankles are so sore from ice skating...

  13. Janet you are such a killjoy :P But what is this rule about 10 posts and 30 days, this ones got one post and just signed up this month http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=309325

  14. Saturday before Christmas, roads are packed with nut case Christmas shoppers. Biking is going to be suicidal... Dear god, if this is how my life ends, just make aniplex have the madoka movies in Knoxville on Jan 16th, just this once.

  15. I love screwing with jasonterrors head ;p

  16. Wake up World is still here Back to bed

  17. Even halos earth invasion scenes couldn't compare to the feels mass effects caused

  18. Anyone know what's going on in Japan? I was taking to a friend and then the connection.started acting weird, then went black. Then everyone in Japan on my friends list went offline and can't even get a hold of anyone, seems same thing is going on in Australia

  19. I swear I need another worker for my job, starting to get overwhelmed in the workload

  20. Ya know, the more the comments come in, the more angrier I get. If s goodbye letter is not addressed to you, specifically the people where you are heading, stfu and mind you own business. So damn rude to butt in and be like "omgawd can't wait for you to get here so we can hang out!" It's a goodbye thread, not a brag that our friend is leaving the state so suck our dicks and watch us advertise the fact that we will be having fun with said friend and you can't anymore Seriously, go blow a rail...

  21. Hey Mr. Freeze whats the weather going to be like in greenville tonight?

  22. sup electricity, I see you have decided to return after your weekend vacation

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