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  1. I need my internet license revoked

  2. I guess I should go see what all the hype is about this once upon a time show

  3. Charlotte is on her way to Chicago, mostly everything is collected and just needs to be bagged, I only got 1 hour of sleep, have to go to work in about a hour.... Deadz

  4. Whelp, perhaps this is an omen. Since scheduling is preventing Fridays nobou concert, after looking at guide book, I would have missed the madoka photoshoot :P.... going to shoot for the Saturday concert. BUT NOW I HAVE TO RUN FROM THE MADOKA SHOOT TO THE VIZ PANEL RIGHT AFTER LAAAAAAAAWD

  5. Since no else is doing it, submitting panel for iron duct tape cosplay competition panel at AWA

  6. I know we picked up people from Bob Jones university when I look up from the laptop and there are suddenly eight white people harmonizing "Sugar we are going down" in the back of the bus...

  7. Getting terribly anxious for acen....next Wednesday can't come fast enough

  8. When a person shoves their head in the sand in order to not be educated on a matter, we call that stupidity. Making fun of stupidity is completely acceptable.

  9. *insert witty status that I forgot, might have regarded sailor moon or madoka magica*

  10. Moving to Australia, seems their WCS winning team has a 20 person entourage to help out with their sets :P

  11. Looks like charlotte is getting fedex to Acen. 75 bucks to take the bloody thing on a plane

  12. Keiki, Keiki Round round keiki

  13. Hmmmm which car, which car....


  15. Oh my.......This book is not going to go well. Kyouko family is still alive.

  16. Well, nice to have a reminder why I turn blocking mode on my phone and only have one person as the exception to the block. Hint, it's not any of my family that keeps waking me up over their bullshit fights. .. Good night, again

  17. Mami phone at 1:23 Windows Phone: A more personal smartphone: http://youtu.be/rV3j264whZ4

  18. I seriously don't understand why I have a cellphone anymore. Wishful thinking I guess.

  19. Apparently, because someone was fat, it's the cause of their workmanship being garbage? How did I even get accused of calling them fat when I didn't even mention their body or weight? Willow Piper, cancel the homestucks gathering, I want revenge.

  20. I have hit the snooze button 18 times today, according to my phone.

  21. After this Madoka ☆ Magica - Rebellion Story OP: http://youtu.be/N2GRM0VYuf0 I can never go back to: HD Blu Ray: Cardcaptor Sakura Opening 1: http://youtu.be/VDBSV8DL1lU Forever corrupted :P Bedtime

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