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  1. Time for psycho pass episode number

  2. Time for the continuation of bakemontogari, which left me flipping tables how it ended which is now nisemongatari...or some odd spelling Tooth brush scene?

  3. What do I think of arpeggio of blue steel? Well, let's ask the Heavy cruiser ship Maya

  4. With the hype of pokemon, this is relevant Me and psyduck are going to make it rain on you bitches

  5. Yes homestucks, who is the real puppeteer behind your brewing civil war.... https://www.facebook.com/events/1412829902266796/ Its that time again Operation high tension syndrome!

  6. ---- yeah, hacked out a collectors edition final fantasy 14 by using PayPal AFTER the close date for collectors editions ; p MY CAT WILL HAVE A CAT MOUNT!

  7. .......my madoka movie is stuck in customs.....In Simpsonville.....wtf

  8. .....its Friday, con is not even started

  9. ....facebook, are you revealing my birthday already? We need to have a discussion

  10. ....I have this gif, that im just aching to use, but its not the right moment

  11. ....why u do this japan Different shops with different preorder bonuses http://en.animate-onlineshop.jp/special/madokamagica/

  12. ...there's a dude making anime versions of the peanuts characters in his cubicle here....

  13. "considering no one ever knows what I'm from (I Cosplay mostly from extremely unknown/underground eroge and hentai manga)" No, we know what you are cosplaying from, we just don't give a ----. good freaking night

  14. "HOLY HELL YOU KNOW ID CASTRATE WHICHEVER DRUNK ASS MOTHERFUCKER TOUCES IT" If any of yall see a madoka cosplay at katsu or momo, give her 10 feet of space or risk your balls ; p

  15. "I used to be a Presidential candidate, then I took a bayonet in the knee." ba dum tsssssssssh!

  16. "Like, omgawd, why does this 6000 mAh battery only charge my ipad 11,620 mAh battery to 13-25 percent, like, this is a total scam!" This is how the reviews I am reading from ipad owners look to me. Complaining about an external battery charging their iPhone just fine, but getting mad because the external battery won't charge their ipad massive battery past quarter charge, while it's powered on....

  17. "LOL IM MAD BECAUSE THE MOVIE IS NOT DUBBED KUR KUR KUR" Because they are going to dub a movie that is not even slated for dvd/bluray release and came out less the a month ago in theaters.... Go die you garbage entitled brat

  18. "The capital spared no expense this year.... They booked the atlanta Marriott marquis and gave the elevator doors swishing sounds" I feel bad for knowing which floors they also shot video on :P

  19. "Your computer does not meet the minimum requirements for RO2" *sad face* ok

  20. *insert witty status that I forgot, might have regarded sailor moon or madoka magica*

  21. #acen on tumblr has a fine selection of free badges to forge!

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