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  1. oh wait...we go back in time tonight!

  2. Nothing like waking up in the morning and burning your finger on a hot proccessor..

  3. Is it me or are conventions competing with each other to see who can think up the biggest trophy. I mean look, they are taller then Carleen now ;p

  4. Oh yeah, get your creepy boyfriends out of the pictures. Nothing is more disturbing then seeing them stare at the camera with this glare while ya'll make faces.

  5. cosplay predictions for 2013............ Wreck-it ralph rivaling homestuck in the amount of cosplayers doing it. Specifically that little candy mountain glitch girl and Calhoun

  6. Hostess, the maker of Twinkies, is shutting down. Twinkies are in high demand Future news in two weeks: everyone lost 10 pounds mysteriously

  7. Everytime a girl tells me she taking a shower over ims, I will now say pictures or it didn't happen. I want proof, I think yall girls be faking your showers. Smelly girls!

  8. ROFL werisemag just deleted my comments and blocked me from commenting on their advert for the cosplay shinkou mag. Seems their art director didn't like getting called out for ruining the rep of the mag even further and also pointing out that their 60 dollar printing rate was bullshit, just by a little google-fu

  9. Greenville downtown ice skating opens in 6 days!

  10. after all day freaking yardwork, I'm going to just go melt in the shower

  11. Started watching Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai....... It's too Chuu for the rest of you

  12. New CNN article titled: Sexual privacy under threat in a surveillance society Hey, I like girls.... My sexual privacy is no longer under threat since ya'll already know!

  13. So....Its time to brain storm Sakizou "general tso chicken" We have a fortune cookie cane and a chinese take out box top hat, and some stupid frills that obviously have to make this look fancy What, oh comon don't you dare give me that racist look! Sakizou cafe latte is french written all over her and you don't give me crap for that!

  14. Why do I hate this city? 19 year old kid wins the Darwin award by swinging a bat at a cop downtown.. City council claims its because there are too many bars and night clubs.... HOW THE ---- DO NIFHTCLUBS AND BARS THAT THIS JACKASS COULDN'T EVEN GET INTO LEGALLY HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIS CHOICE TO SWING A BAT A COP!?

  15. Walk into cc's to get dinner, oh look nc vs butler game is.....oh my I better not say the score :P

  16. Be sure yall have fun partying with a pedo and make him feel right at home, just like you idiots do all the time. Be sure to brag about it to so it reminds me how ignorant you are. ---- people might as well be sheep

  17. Sao just went from decent, to fan service to borderline tentacle porn. Wut?

  18. Think you are that real good friend? Ask yourself the question , if Rick got taken out by a car tonight on the way home how long would it take you to realize it? I'll give you the grace period of 3 hours, usually the time till my battery wears out on my phone, barring it dosnet get smashed

  19. alright...last powerball ticket I only matched one number.... this power ball ticket I matched the power ball and won something..... WHAT ARE YOU UP TO POWERBALL!?!??!!??!?

  20. awwwwww ----. posting this from a tv. A TV GAAAAAIS

  21. Project to make before the year is over... A vacuum form table and learn this autodesk123d design program that outputs .STL files for 3d printers

  22. So, anyone want to buy a 50 inch plasma tv for 300?

  23. Any band that jumps on this "anti-bullying" fad that has been going on, earns instant dislike status. Idiots are only getting into this because people decided to attention whore their suicides, thanks to the internet. Ya'll didn't care before facebook existed so don't start acting like you care now because its "politically correct" to make a "omg thats so sad, I feel so sorry for the person" when you didn't even know the person existed until after the media made a shitstorm about it. Armcha...

  24. Playing Fairy Battle Freesia on a p4 HyperThread. Not even dual core, get on my level Alex!

  25. I think pieces of poison ivy or something got in my shoe during leaf blowing the yard Call me lewd or whatever, I don't care, but scratching that bastard after resisting the urge to scratch all freaking day feels so good it can only be compared to sex

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