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  1. Ya know, I just found out something creepy and actually bit interesting about face book. People that rarely talk to you and hit the like button more on other peoples posts, after a certain percentage, it begins to just omit their posts unless you have them set as close friends. Perhaps this is a good thing.

  2. Started watching Robotics Notes, same people that are making psycho-pass :P Its cute and can tell theres a hidden plot

  3. You know whats annoying.....cosplayers post photos of cosplays, from the same set of photos, slowly so they trick the system into putting them at the top of a list

  4. Well, so much for the costume contest. With everyone I know down in Columbia and my family being a bunch of unlogical bitches as usual, I have no way to get downtown with Charlotte.

  5. I seriously hate college football...all my rides took off to columbia... Gotta figure out a new way to get dtown now..

  6. 4.6 million people live in south carolina.... 3.6 million of those people just got their social security numbers jacked.

  7. How does one transport a dessert witch on a bike......

  8. Hitting the blu martini downtown.tomorrow for their costume contest. After their 300 dolla prize I got a good chance ...Brennan is stuck working so that leaves only the sexy nurses,police,cheerleader and generic zombie outfits ;p

  9. psycho-pass episode 3!!!! I think society can benefit well from a system like this :P

  10. Did the madoka online game really slap region restrictions on.....REALLY!?

  11. They named new baby male giraffe at the greenville zoo "pico"...... They have no idea what they have done

  12. Ya know my wants are simple... Have a sustaining job, meet someone that shares my hobbies and possibly get to know them better, make cosplays that are overly large, people to share my time with and having a cyber brain ala ghost in the shell style, installed Some of this is fulfilled, but really is the rest too much to ask? (no I'm not crazy, im throwing humor in, stop looking at me weird ;p)

  13. Hmmm, blu martini is having a cash prize Halloween contest too you say? Possible target ;p

  14. Hello mtn dew...we meet again Why I am drinking you I don't know , but you have the highest caffeine content, so...you lose your bubbly goodness first !

  15. "I used to be a Presidential candidate, then I took a bayonet in the knee." ba dum tsssssssssh!

  16. Will this Page represent a real celebrity or famous person? Yes No I'm putting yes ROFL

  17. Iron man 3 trailer tomorrow......

  18. So...I'm in home depot, see HUGE foam boards for only 10-12 bucks a pop... Anyone happen to be going to ohayo or katsu from the south that has a pickup truck or a ball hitch for attaching a small trailer to transport what I'm building? ;p Charlotte was big....but this one I doubt will even fit in a car in separate pieces maybe more then one car? Even then I don't think the main part will fit...

  19. Who just massively burn the top of his mouth with a hot potato..... this guy

  20. The geese are flying south They are heading to invade the Florida ducks!

  21. Sao new episode! But I can't talk about the tears in this one till maridah sees it ;p

  22. Second psycho-pass episode. I am enjoying it. Also EGOIST is does then ending song :P

  23. Brace yourself jojo fans... Homesteaks have begun making jojostucks....

  24. Seems paranormal activity 4 is coming out, any one in gville going tonight?

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