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  1. Yes, of course I have to full combo snow halation the day the episode is released

  2. Yes, those Endorse offers are legit, you take a picture of your receipt then upload them

  3. You ever get that feeling that matter how hard you try, you will never be adequate? I seriously try to put on a strong front, but some things just go right through and hit to the core. Dunno, maybe I still have a lot to learn about disconnecting my emotions still.

  4. You know its cold when I actually put on my coat and gloves... Still got mah shorts though

  5. You know whats annoying.....cosplayers post photos of cosplays, from the same set of photos, slowly so they trick the system into putting them at the top of a list

  6. You know, I find it oddly weird there are no Madoka movie cam rips. Sony must be going after some rippers hard core

  7. You know, it perplexes me how an older system would play ffxiv, but a new system with better specs refuses to get past the loading screen

  8. You thought fire ant bites were bad? Screw that, chigger bites are topping them right now. At least fire ant bites blister, chigger bites damn ooze and won't stop

  9. yup, I'm too exhausted to terrorize Everfeather.... Should work doubles more often

  10. Zun, the creator of touhou, is making his US debut at awa... Touhous everywhere

  11. 最後に夢を見よう かけひきより先に プライド 捨てらまえよ! Do it! 最後に夢を見よう どんな告白だって そう 答えはいらないんだ

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