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  1. Also found I have 75 bucks of resturant.com gift certs to blow. Know any decent resturants near acen :P

  2. Do you ever cook something in the microwave and it's still cold in the middle, but you don't heat it up longer and keep eating it because life is pointless, entropy is unavoidable and the universe is full of callous and casual destruction?

  3. Amaretto in coffee creamer is awesome.....Why haven't I tried this before?

  4. ...there's a dude making anime versions of the peanuts characters in his cubicle here....

  5. It's going to be an awesome day when you wake up with a mosquito bite on your ass and being informed that mentioning pineapples are lewd and used as an excuse to unfriend you.

  6. Also I'm going to sleep, don't message me. I have a phone number for a reason.

  7. Work is slow, send entertainment, quick.

  8. Has your boyfriend ate his pineapples today, Brianna Howd?

  9. Good freaking night. Hold all calls unless you are bringing me some ripe kiwi.

  10. Third shift ahoy! Money, money. Money

  11. This working third shift is going to take some getting used to.

  12. Oh look, an acen badge has appeared in my mail box


  14. Amiami day was delayed by redneck customs, but my box of despair arrived. #premiumgerman #Meguca #omghotfestivalsummermami

  15. Seeya later bbt, can't say It was a good year with the --------- narccist of a boss you had me work under, but I will be enjoying dat raise at the new site, making more then my former boss :P

  16. #acen on tumblr has a fine selection of free badges to forge!

  17. And yes....I'm grouchy and moody today

  18. After a certain point, giving the camera the middle finger repeatedly just makes you look pretty dull. Sorry but Miley Cyrus is ruined the "I r edgy girl" look.

  19. In this issue of attack on titan, levi has taken up woman beating

  20. .......my madoka movie is stuck in customs.....In Simpsonville.....wtf

  21. New laptop.... Windows 8.... OH GOD I DONT KNOW WHAT I AM DOING! *use splash* *splashes around harmlessly*

  22. Finally leaving work.....at 2 am......

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