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  1. ♪ I knew Jo was trouble when she walked in So shame on me now Made sure to check the thread tension Now I'm dealing with this old silk fabric ♪


  3. 10/30/12 I just felt a disturbance in the force... It's was like millions of star wars fans cried out in despair and then suddenly silenced by some mousey laugh....

  4. 11:57 PM Barked up the wrong tree. Was chased by angry squirrels.

  5. 4.6 million people live in south carolina.... 3.6 million of those people just got their social security numbers jacked.

  6. 45 bucks to fly to Baltimore from gsp, holy snot

  7. 45 minutes till I get off work and its 18 wheeler vs bike round 2! This time its cage match no holds barred ladder match with no helmet!

  8. 4square level 1 superuser attained, finally! Now editing every suggestion by Alex Velasco to related to Mima and approving them ; p

  9. 99 percent sure not doing momocon now. It's not that I don't have the money, I just see no reason to go.

  10. A freaking blackhawk helo just flew low over downtown, the hell are they up to?

  11. A friend of mine is having way to much fun with her new cat stockings :P

  12. A homestuck ripped off charlottes nose...---- done with ohayocon

  13. Aaaaaaand got flaked out on again for another movie last night Swear to ---- christ, what makes yall think I won't get mad over this ----. I'm moving to canada, at least the moose are more friendly

  14. Acen is one week after FanimeCon...... Acen just announced kalafina ad the band Being madoka fan is suffering

  15. Acen, youmacon and ohayocon continue to make themselves awfully aware how dead to me these three cons are to me. I really don't know how you people function up there Willow Piper how? Its like one gigantic clusterfuck of fake

  16. Adamantoise FFXIV server full? Thats okay, I will go romance a+ double pony tail cuty from fire emblem while I wait.

  17. Added watamote to much crunchyroll list

  18. advertisment fund successfully depleted for today ;p

  19. After a certain point, giving the camera the middle finger repeatedly just makes you look pretty dull. Sorry but Miley Cyrus is ruined the "I r edgy girl" look.

  20. after all day freaking yardwork, I'm going to just go melt in the shower

  21. After doing more research into south carolina cosplayers... I am finding out a lot of them are homestuck and naruto retards Also the reason they are so scattered is all of them want to start a group, but only if they lead it..... wtf south carolina, wtf

  22. After looking at a few comments on other peoples profiles, I am actually getting pretty discouraged in this hobby. Pretty much everyone on my friends list, at least in my opinion, are not total fakes. Some people I haven't met yet personally so I usually don't add them, but a lot of people have met, do come across or have been proven as a total fake. What disturbs me is the amount of people that I do know personally, but obviously, not on my friends list. Whats more I see these people posting...

  23. After this Madoka ☆ Magica - Rebellion Story OP: http://youtu.be/N2GRM0VYuf0 I can never go back to: HD Blu Ray: Cardcaptor Sakura Opening 1: http://youtu.be/VDBSV8DL1lU Forever corrupted :P Bedtime

  24. Alex Velasco Master of "ill send you this when I get home but never sends it" 2 strikes son No wait, thats 2 and a half, second one gets a half extra penalty for it being madoka related

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