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  1. So, job offers are supposed to be awesome right? How come this one is making me nervous nausea all over the place. Yes it makes more money, company car/truck, but I just started this job I'm at little less then three months ago and I hate to be that guy that jumps from jobs to jobs.

  2. I just won the powerball. Screw the rules, I have money!

  3. Episode of psycho pass tonight just solidified this show as a new favorite. Girl gets scanned for a crime co-effecient over 425, teacher trys to stop them from blasting her with a dominator gun in lethal eliminator mode,yelling that "she's a minor!" gets put in a head lock and told "Sorry teacher, we no longer have juvi laws" If ya been watching the series, theres a damn good reason why they were ready to microwave this girl :P

  4. How the hell do people without jobs afford the ---- they do while I can't even afford a Galaxy note 2, on sale, on my upgrade and selling my old phone for at least 150....while having a job! This makes no sense !

  5. As you wish, I'll give you your justice Before you destroy and get destroyed Pay karma's price and lets go together Monster without a name Oh, sorry, Egoists new single just got released :P

  6. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dtsm/con-girls Read why they need this money and tell me why I am giving them the stink eye.... Lazy fuckers
  7. At 8 o.clock est time, I will have the next two days off...ice skating y/n?

  8. How in flipping hell is it 2:40 am in the morning already?

  9. hmmmmmmm bored....someone entertain me....... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. how has it, I can do more damage on my laptop sitting in my pajamas before first cup of earl grey then you can do in a year on the field.....

  11. Alright.....World Cosplay Summit pet peeve! After watching like 10 videos, I noticed a very common thing. They will be doing their little ribbon dance shimmy changa whatever skit and always...ALWAYS...do they suddenly stop, walk like 10 steps, bend over to pick up a prop and then go back to the skit. Now being that you can't have stage ninjas, I propose one of my hairbrained inventions, A c02 prop launcher/catapult! Now, rather then walking over, interrupting the skit and wasting precious se...

  12. Homeless till Friday because psycho bitch just had to demand het rent early and didn't like the fact she had to pay 40 bucks because the check bounced, which wouldn't have happened if she waited till the day rent is actually due..... Merry ---- Christmas

  13. Don't tell me there are no jobs out there when some people I know are working three jobs Gtfo lazy

  14. Ya know...out of all the hotels I stay at for cons.. This is the first time in a long time I got to sleep in the bed.....


  16. Time for psycho pass episode number

  17. tfw you can feel the onset of a the flu but not quite fullblown flu yet...

  18. Yes, those Endorse offers are legit, you take a picture of your receipt then upload them

  19. Staying in contact with the guy that fucked your girlfriend and was a active part in causing the failure? Yeah, you both are pretty much garbage. Hey but what do I know right? More then you think...

  20. Let it be known Alicia Josephine Lugo hangs up on awkward Kmart backroom.warehouse workers that call her phone and confess their love for her that they festered secretly while she worked there .

  21. Meh...the madoka thread for Ohayocon is not getting much steam..

  22. Well my patience is pretty much broke. Lets put it this way, when I know a con is coming up, I usually stockpile money. I do this so I don't have to cancel on my friends. I don't buy things that I can deal without for awhile, IE, The galaxy note 2, that next paycheck, I can certainly buy easy, but looking at projections, may be better just to wait as it may conflict with ohayocon. two, when ya visit someone 10-15 times while the count is 0 with me, combined with these two factors, I am rea...

  23. Have I ever told you that I enjoy soft pretzels greatly?

  24. You thought fire ant bites were bad? Screw that, chigger bites are topping them right now. At least fire ant bites blister, chigger bites damn ooze and won't stop

  25. Awwww, snap. End of the world in 11 days ya'll. Time to go do everything immoral that I ever wanted to do!

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