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  1. Man, how did I miss that in yesterday's paper? Probably went "battleship?! Boring! Where is my muffin at. Nom nom nom nom nom" at 7am or whenever I was reading the paper. =_=

    The Aug. 9 commissioning will be a big day for the crew and its host, the port of Baltimore. The Sterett will berth at the port's cruise ship terminal next to the historic backdrop of the USS Constellation, which will be transported from its usual Inner Harbor mooring for the ceremony.

    Also next to the historic backdrop of a cardboard box Gundam and a sexy Moogle!

  2. Heeey there, I'm Earl Zeratul M. and I'll be attending the 08 Otakon Con searching for the best and most orignal (and most well-designed) cosplayers out there to photograph for yourrr vieing pleasure. I'll have them all up on a flickr in nice big sizes for y'all to chose from and I'm in the process of setting up some sort of print system i.e you email me which ones you want printed, I get them printed as a 8x10 or 5x7 and then let you know how much shipping and and all would be. Primitive but the best I have right now.

    Anyway, I hope to see you all there and for those curious if I'm any good, here's my flickr concerning this year's Icon; http://www.flickr.com/photos/studiomadness...57604374656450/

  3. all liability is the responsbilty of the parent and the parent alone. if the subject child is a minor and they get hurt because of their own actions and/or cause destruction, the parent of that subject child should foot the bill. otakon already covered their butt as far as liabilty for themselves, as far as individual non-con staff liabilty, thats something the courts can argue all day about. but its really the responsbilty of the parents to watch their own kids, if they want to send them to the con and not watch them or leave them in the care of someone else, thats their choice and their choice alone, they must be ready to deal with the consequences.

  4. (Note: please no replies solely to argue over my examples)

    A. Story/fun skits about a relatively recent / commercially successful anime (I.E. Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Bleach)

    B. Story/fun skits about "Classic" anime (I.E. Ranma 1/2, Dragonball)

    C. Synchronized dancing skits

    D. Singing/instrumental skits

    E. Battle/fighting skits


    I'd put in a vote for more skits about current, everybody-knows anime properties. This way, chances are I'll be able to identify-- not that we haven't had much of a problem with this before XD

  5. Until members start ratting out the troublemakers in time for us - or the hotels, or if need be the authorities -- to do something about it, it will continue to get worse, and worse.

    It's your con too.

  6. no kidding dan, i was in the sheraton last year. almost had an anureysim yelling at some jerk putting a plant in the elevator doors to jam it, after i had to walk up the stairs carrying 2 bags full of cosplay, con schawg and merchandise, because the elevator wasen't showing up.

    what floor and room you where on out of curiosity.

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