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  1. oh trust me scots...there where times i rather have sat in a hot tub instead of spending two hours taking a nap
  2. holiday inn amenities.. Spa Facilities Sauna Whirlpool i dont know about you, but after a long walk at the con i think i'd cook like a lobster in that whirlpool and sauna till i was red as a beet
  3. but baby cosplayer naruto was the best one there! yes there is an overflow of naruto stuff, i can careless about the cosplayers but the merchandise...way too much. people are going to cosplay whoever they want, if it happens to be the most popular anime and what everyone does, let em do it. i for one was glad that i was the only sam fisher with the two other guys being multiplayer bob and steve, shame we didnt get a photo togther
  4. and yet sam, i bring exhbit a again, the drunken sunny d guy, he was staggerring around the rave still after i left after i reported him, if they guy wasent visibily intoxicated then what is visible intoxicated?
  5. as far as legal part about refusing, its otakons choice what to do with them. if they refuse the breathlyzer then they leave, plain and simple. if i was plain sober and someone came up to me and asked me to blow in the tube, i'd do it just to prove im at 0.00
  6. days inn last year sold out within 15 minutes of the release of the con dates last year, this year otakon happens to be a year out so people FINALLY have a fair chance
  7. sheraton was 145..im looking at my bill now
  8. omgzors 1400 for three nights!! thats the bestest deal ever!!! ::fangirl scream::
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