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  1. Soooooo, that 16 hour day? Just got 2 more hours tacked on to it

  2. I got to work at 630....I'm working till 1030 pm.....don't send help, just shoot me

  3. Alright I should go to sleep before I declare my deepest secrets...........

  4. Fancy Fries and wine sound good right about now

  5. Hey paypal, the usd to yen rate is 103, not 100 ya morons!

  6. Woot woot, acen badge pre ordered and mailed. No waiting in line con!

  7. Can it be acen yet.......I just want to be at the airport leaving greenville already.

  8. Looks like I'll be having to change my phone number :/

  9. "The capital spared no expense this year.... They booked the atlanta Marriott marquis and gave the elevator doors swishing sounds" I feel bad for knowing which floors they also shot video on :P

  10. I am being stalked by my banker. She likely checking why I haven't over drafted and now have over 1k in my account ; p

  11. Hurrah for transfers and raises

  12. Watching heaven's lost property.... If Ikaros wasn't a total a+ qt hottie, I would have dropped this by now. Something bugs me about how Nymph is treated and also how the MC is a total over douce hat towards Ikaros 99 percent of the show.

  13. The main question of the night is, what happens if you take the red and blue pill together

  14. "Like, omgawd, why does this 6000 mAh battery only charge my ipad 11,620 mAh battery to 13-25 percent, like, this is a total scam!" This is how the reviews I am reading from ipad owners look to me. Complaining about an external battery charging their iPhone just fine, but getting mad because the external battery won't charge their ipad massive battery past quarter charge, while it's powered on....

  15. I love how check app considered 2100 jpy transaction as "large"

  16. Everything is going well, and then facebook buys oculus rift... Kotomi's breakdown: http://youtu.be/ZB40_Vxd2Fw

  17. The look on Nashu's face when the bombs lit makes this one of my favorite scenes in ffxiv. The entire side quest line is hilarious. FFXIV: ARR: HILDIBRAND REBORN (Full Cutscene): http://youtu.be/LKCQKT6m-jM

  18. Worst sneak peek ever....

  19. Do you know how hard it is to drive with a battered right foot?

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