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  1. Alright, i know this sounds disgusting, but the internet sucks when researching bug buts. Chigger bites, I came home after my "camping" trip, and these welt type bites started showing up. They are oozing like a bitch too and one even blistered up and is oozing so fast, the blister fills up in like 10 minutes after draining it. Is this normal for them to blister and ooze this much? I'm running out of damn gauze :P

  2. If you are facing jail time because your driving is that bad..... Don't beg for money on Facebook....

  3. One month Ohayocon warning! Drury hotel free foods in one month....except for that girl that pays first all the time and we forget about her

  4. Ginny McQueen obviously never watched harvery birdman, attorney at law...

  5. Date of tweet 02:01 PM - 09 Oct 12 Date that Hayley Favorited said tweet Thursday December 13 12:39 AM Only one more day till I unleash the despair.....ONE MORE DAY

  6. To all you worbla lovers.... Its too expensive still, I hate you all for bragging about it :P

  7. So huge dilemma time..... Ultimate madoka figure or Samsung galaxy note 2....

  8. soft pretzels, psycho pass...not bad, not bad at all.

  9. Friend messages me asking if I am going to the "madonna" movie Logs off right after saying that send Text....no answer.... You people make no sense and Madonna is an old hag

  10. Mfw when psycho-pass is a lot closer to reality then you think....A LOT closer, like testing stages http://m.cnet.com/news/homeland-security-moves-forward-with-pre-crime-detection/20117058?ds=1 I for one welcome our new computer behaviour analysis systems...when do we start doling out the dominater enforcement guns ;p

  11. The world can go burn for all I care today. Seriously, if someone starts ---- with me on the way home today, they better hope they don't stop at a red light within a mile

  12. I think the word "cosplay" is starting to get diluted and lose its meaning when a movie creates a position named "director of cosplay"..... That's like making the the position "lead hygiene technician" and all you do is scrub toilets

  13. Aaaaaaand got flaked out on again for another movie last night Swear to ---- christ, what makes yall think I won't get mad over this ----. I'm moving to canada, at least the moose are more friendly

  14. The worst mass murder in the US was committed using 3 gallons of gasoline and a pack of matches. Next time you want to debate with me about guns, you better come equipped with something stronger. That being said, I have no issue with ID control. Perhaps if people would stop being so paranoid about a camera in a public area, things might start getting a little safer. The only difference between the camera and a cop is that its there 24/7 and it can't shoot you....yet

  15. sup electricity, I see you have decided to return after your weekend vacation

  16. Hey Mr. Freeze whats the weather going to be like in greenville tonight?

  17. Ya know, the more the comments come in, the more angrier I get. If s goodbye letter is not addressed to you, specifically the people where you are heading, stfu and mind you own business. So damn rude to butt in and be like "omgawd can't wait for you to get here so we can hang out!" It's a goodbye thread, not a brag that our friend is leaving the state so suck our dicks and watch us advertise the fact that we will be having fun with said friend and you can't anymore Seriously, go blow a rail...

  18. I swear I need another worker for my job, starting to get overwhelmed in the workload

  19. Anyone know what's going on in Japan? I was taking to a friend and then the connection.started acting weird, then went black. Then everyone in Japan on my friends list went offline and can't even get a hold of anyone, seems same thing is going on in Australia

  20. Even halos earth invasion scenes couldn't compare to the feels mass effects caused

  21. Wake up World is still here Back to bed

  22. I love screwing with jasonterrors head ;p

  23. Janet you are such a killjoy :P But what is this rule about 10 posts and 30 days, this ones got one post and just signed up this month http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=309325

  24. My ankles are so sore from ice skating...

  25. Thank you deviant art, I love getting garbage in giant screen filling format on my home page as soon as i navigate to your page. Shitty furry MS paint and emo wrist slashing poems

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