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  1. Oooh oooh and Lucky Star! I already downloaded all the fansubs, but only because I darn well knew I'd be buying the whole DVD series when it finally came out *I ain't no anime thief ^^* I never buy the insanely expensive box sets for anime, buuuut I really think I'm gonna have to for this one, I'm really excited ^_^
  2. I'm 100% straight edge and proud of it. I have "xxx" tattoo'd inside of my lower lip. My roots are in hardcore music and going to shows, I also regularly attend raves and clubs. I would most certainly refuse a breathalyzer and openly take offense to being offered one.

    I also breakdance, and I feel like the comments about breakdancers flailing and hitting or hurting people are way too exaggerated. When you're in a packed room, expect to make contact with other people. From my experience at the Otakurave, not everyone is dancing. It's just a few people taking turns dancing in the middle of various circles. Breaking is a form of dancing so I guess you ought to be ready for that to happen and nobody has any ill intent while dancing, if anything I have always made new friends dancing and I have seen everyone getting along fine at the rave.

  3. This might sound super lame, but perhaps a part of the room (designated by gaffer tape on the floor perhaps? Whatever works!) for people who just wanna dance and have fun and not get accosted by groping guys? I'll party hard with the rest of them, but the one part of dancing I HATE is guys coming up behind me and assaulting me with their naughty bits! I know plenty of people don't mind getting a little down and dirty but it's not my thing and instead of having to constantly give the "no thanks" shout or wear a shirt that says "Back off buddy!" it'd be nice to have a universal "I'm here to dance and have fun, not be molested" area of the rave, no matter how small it might be? Gah I dunno.

    I'm going to get mocked for this I'm sure :D I swear I'm not a uber prude in any sense *teehee*, I just don't dig the lack of personal space as far as my bum goes. Am I totally alone in this?

  4. You can find friendships at con that can turn into love but I dont think you can find love at con. It takes time to fall in love and 3 or 4 days is not a lot of time :rolleyes:

    I dont know...if the people from eHarmony can fall in love off the first meeting since they have that so called deep compatibility then at Otakon it should be like no time at all. lol joking....or am I ????

  5. the bcc dosen't have a PA system, so no annoucments.l

    the "chill rooms" with the lights on and a staffer present won't be that what i think, an option or worth the man power. thats the otacafe in a nutshell.

    the people want lights off and no one present, which they can just go to their rooms to do if they really can't wait to lip locking with that emo bishi :D

  6. I've found people making out at the rave, big room. Yeah... there should be more speed dating panels. I'm not old enough for one (DX), but I find the idea amusing, pushing a group of people who are (stereotypically, not always) socially awkward together like that.

    lol the shyness level in such a panel would be really high. I guess thats why people choose the rave...its dark so no one can see them.

  7. Ok so when the convention is all wraped up and everything is all said and done how do you guys feel? Do you wish that the fun wouldnt stop? Do you start to tear up knowing that after such a good time you have, reality is about to be on you like a drill seargent until the next convention? Im just curious as to how ya'll feel after a convention ends?
  8. its alot faster mikey

    your getting up at 4:30, im still asleep and resting in my nice soft bed.

    while your there at 5:30 waiting in line on a hard pavement...im still asleep in my nice soft bed.

    at right before the doors open so your line gets moving, im getting out of my nice soft bed getting dressed, walking casually down to the con.

    as your running around trying to get to the dealers room, im already there...not even out of breath ^_^

    thursday pickup makes your con so much better

  9. i present to you, troublemaker A,

    tries to make excuses for destruction of property and causing a general uproar

    my response?


    no your not getting a copy of your exploits, and if your so bored with otakon that the highlight is getting a gun pointed at you, causing road hazards and destroying a hotel floor, let me be the one to tell you this; don't come back. you and your little group that seems to think it was so fun to cause so much grief are not welcome anymore. no im not staff, but i speak from an attendee stance. a bunch of little punks aren't going ruin our con

  10. the "proof" was already seen before the user on youtube privated the video. unless you have some odd reason to brag about the trouble you caused, i advise you distance yourself from the video as much as possible. but thats could be too late with your post

  11. thursday is when i get to the hotel, sleep for 5 hours after being awake all night the night before....go get my badge at 5pm come back and take another 2 hour nap......direct my roommates on how to get to the room...go back to sleep and wake up bright and early, energized for the con all weekend

  12. hotels are in the business of rooming people, therefore, having a full house is very profitable for it and the surrounding business. they want you to be there.

    the better behaved the con goers are, the better the hotel will go out of their way to treat their guests.

    be a total ass,destroy the hotel and watch how fast the hospitality drops

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