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  1. Tonight, vic mig gets announced as Eren for the Aot dub. The world ends with not a roar, but a whiney man boy voice...

  2. Kill la kill last episode delayed.......really? That's 3 episode delays in a damn row

  3. Going through my list and taking people off my feed. No doing a friends list cut but after watching people's double standards on their friends posting and holding me to a different standard, I am just taking away the temptation to comment on their posting. It's not like people notice when I'm not commenting anyway. I would be lying to say as to not take it personal, but some of them are and I'm tired of excuses not to communicate which just compounds and adds to the problem that some have...

  4. Google fiber install jobs starting to show up. Not the cities I want yet. I am not going to Porvo, Utah :P

  5. Sure, working till 430 am making money doing practical nothing is easy....but I am bored out of my skull

  6. Dear Jo, Shadow realm is awesome! Yesterday morning, I jumped the most glittering toilet seat cover while eatting to run a grass. Tomorrow, we're visiting the rabbits of an ancient Trap card, and I'll be sure to take lots of cards you can shuffle when I get back. The language is wrinkled, but luckily Exodia can obliterate a bit for me.

  7. It is seriously not snowing right now.....

  8. Not attending animazement either, I can already see it would be another con walking around myself while the clusterfuck brigade wanks each other.

  9. If you are getting this message, its because you are on my restricted list. Its likely personal and fed up with your bullshit broken promises and gaslighting

  10. Re watched some of SAO because it's now on netflix. It's upsetting how good the series started and lost steam by then end of the first arc, then somehow managing to throw it in a blender by the second arc. Mainly by turning Asuna from a strong character into a totally "ooooh, I'm so helpless! Save me, saaaave me!"

  11. If you can see this, you are on my restricted list. Sorry, it's likely personal. I don't like being made as comedy fodder for your autism brigade

  12. Also to Google Fiber. Open your job section of the site for installers yo. You got some cities that I'm interested in working and your my best ticket out of Greenville :P

  13. One more episode of kill la kill Ep22 was a bawler


  15. Ohooooooo, I may never find the official Mami dakimakura, but at least when Mami beach queens v2 comes in, she also comes with a towel http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?scode=CGD2-80069

  16. CG artist friends and such. Is it normal for your brush strokes to still look like pixelated crap when zoomed in while using a 2k resolution canvas?

  17. Watching dance in the vampire bund.....trying to figure out why Mina Tepes voice sounds familiar... Oh, it's Madoka's VA.

  18. 99 percent sure not doing momocon now. It's not that I don't have the money, I just see no reason to go.

  19. http://club2.nintendo.com/3ds-pokemon-promo/ No Rick, do not spend money on stupid promo stuff.....don't you dare.
  20. Hey guys, if you aren't paying 2.7k and up for a ring, you obviously have something wrong with you and don't love your girlfriend -statement from another guy, translated through the Rick system Whelp, I guess I'm single until I manage to scrape 2.7k and up for things :P

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