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  1. And there goes the cell Internet already

  2. And yes....I'm grouchy and moody today

  3. And yoshi P raised his hand and STRUCK DOWN THE CRIPPLED FFXIV servers and rained fire and brimstone upon them! So that new servers that could handly the blasphemy of more then 10k players at once could RIIIIISE UP and quell the armageddon the 1017 error has wrought upon this blessed electronic land Can I get an amen brother Mistah Jay

  4. Anime Matsuri. Official award for over hyping their technologies, then failing miserably at controlling it properly.

  5. Anime weekend atlanta has 3 freaking homestuck panels and also gave the host of the Touhou trivia panel who broke down in tears and a panic attack because someone corrected her about a mistake, another touhou trivia panel...... ......*drinks more alcohol pink lemonade drink*

  6. Animes to watch while I wait for second season of psycho pass, madoka movies, Vividbutts ova and such: Attack on Titan and valarave the liberator

  7. Aniplex acquired sword art online... WHO THE HELL AM I GUNNA COSPLAY FROM IT NOW!!

  8. Any band that jumps on this "anti-bullying" fad that has been going on, earns instant dislike status. Idiots are only getting into this because people decided to attention whore their suicides, thanks to the internet. Ya'll didn't care before facebook existed so don't start acting like you care now because its "politically correct" to make a "omg thats so sad, I feel so sorry for the person" when you didn't even know the person existed until after the media made a shitstorm about it. Armcha...

  9. Anyone able to recommend a syronger adhesive then wallpaper glue for paper mache? Somerhing that can be bought in a decent quantity? Woth recent movie revelations, I may have to remake Charlotte :P

  10. Anyone cosplayer that uses.sponsored ads then begs for money in a kickstarter or indiegogo so they can make a movie about about the cosplay they overwear, is a pile of ----

  11. Anyone have a good site for custom phone cases?

  12. Anyone know a site that is going to stream the wcs?

  13. Anyone know what's going on in Japan? I was taking to a friend and then the connection.started acting weird, then went black. Then everyone in Japan on my friends list went offline and can't even get a hold of anyone, seems same thing is going on in Australia

  14. Anyone want to see star trek movie in greenville on Saturday? Otherwise im just wandering downtown :P

  15. Anyone, greek fest, gville, tomorrow

  16. Apparently, because someone was fat, it's the cause of their workmanship being garbage? How did I even get accused of calling them fat when I didn't even mention their body or weight? Willow Piper, cancel the homestucks gathering, I want revenge.


  18. Arrrrr4, there be some bountiful booty on that island

  19. As you wish, I'll give you your justice Before you destroy and get destroyed Pay karma's price and lets go together Monster without a name Oh, sorry, Egoists new single just got released :P

  20. At 8 o.clock est time, I will have the next two days off...ice skating y/n?

  21. Athena is one heck of a single pony tail a+ qt in the new Phoenix Wright

  22. Attack on titan Mikasa is so bad ass and cute. Put that on your cosplay list Hayley ;p

  23. Awww snap UNC is losing, everyone clear Greenville dtown

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