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  1. What a wonderful Christmas present! Getting my stuff thrown out because the neurotic bitch swears there is some mythical bug biting her and only her

  2. Watching walking dead ep 1

  3. Dear leeches It makes me hate you so much more knowing that you are in a better position then I. You know exactly what you do. If you don't, I seriously want to slap your head off your shoulders. It pisses me off to no end that while I spend my money on necessity such as food, rent, contacts, and other quality items rather then bs parts, I may lose my chance to get one of the best madoka figures. While people sit here, blow all their money and then half ass everything and have others to cle...

  4. Christmas is over. Any radios still playing Christmas music shall be shot on sight

  5. Freezing cold here tonight..solution ? Pull out left over fabric fleece and be toasty

  6. ....facebook, are you revealing my birthday already? We need to have a discussion

  7. Well, hard dilemma time.... To go ahead and get the ultimate madoka figures or cancel the preorder tomorrow... I will have enough, but due to the craptacular overpriced shipping that costs more then half the figure itself, ill be left with about 70.bucks in my account verses 259 not getting it..... Major thing I'm worried about is Mami from the same good smile series literally tripled in price...this one may quadruple...

  8. Lol, jimmy John's facebook page blocked me after I outed them and peter fox for the grand bill of 1200 dollars in unemployment I have to pay back for that they won on an appeal based on a lie. I think its time to teach them what happens when you piss off the wrong person over social media.

  9. Ohayocon roommates, under 2 weeks warning

  10. Hmmmm, it looks like katsucon will be getting the ax this year in my convention plans

  11. Gym and storage aquired for first month free. Sha sha sha sha

  12. In the matter of all this chaos, weighing myself at the gym, I lost 10 lbs ,p

  13. Pretty sad when your boyfriend sees you as his obsession with a 2d character and not actually you.... Jus sayin

  14. Dear old people at the gym in the pool get. the ---- out the way!

  15. Awww snap UNC is losing, everyone clear Greenville dtown

  16. Psycho pass episode 12 Yayoi's story was interesting and nice to see her getting some airtime since all the other enforcers have been main stage while she has been usually in the background

  17. I love how my phone just vibrated for no reason ... Another lost text message

  18. Using charlottes tail as a pillow for tonight :l

  19. I swear to god, Ohayocon is staffed by idiots that can't read their own weapons policy...or just lack the common sense to tell people what to do regarding it

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