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  1. =D Uh yeah I was just curious but for next year, whos cosplaying as Akatsuki members? I personally am cosplaying as Hidan with a mini version of his scythe.

    Any Akatsuki cosplayers here and is there going to be a photoshoot?

  2. I think using the karaoke room would be a great way to get this set up for next year. It's all the way on the other side of the convention center, and already has a sound system so the logistics are there. I know alot of people don't like the dance and that's fine but otakon could go a long way in supporting these people rather than telling them to go get sauced in someone's hotel room. Good PR, eh eh?
  3. so the moral of the story is, DONT RESERVE UNLESS YOU KNOW YOU ARE GOING!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

    but of course, we will always of people that just have to fill up a hotel then cancel their rooms and/or not show. people didnt want to listen to me two years ago when i said it would hurt the con and we end up paying for it. now we are paying it in higher hotel prices.

  4. and in a position to turn their con into a horror experience. takes one of those six people to do something their not supposed to and getting the whole group kicked out of their room.

    not to mention whenever theres that amount of people in the room, they always seem to sneak the extras and guess who gets stuck paying the bill, the room holder.

    in essence, they are actually paying more to stuff people in the room

    sleep,time,space,peace and quiet

    six people just adds to the odds of that happening, such as the ones that got into a brawl, destroyed the room, and spent the rest of the con prolly trying to find where to sleep instead of having fun

  5. Well, I've already got like...7 roommates, and only six of us are paying (one's female, and I told her that I'd cover the hotel cost for her...chivalry ain't dead!) But as stated earlier, the Wyndham is my choice for hotel staying. They've got a grand piano right next to the elevator, so I just go there to jam out.

    And going on pricing last year (145 a night for the Wyndham) I believe that we'll actually save enough to do something extra! =D (We're staying from Thursday to Sunday I believe...or Friday to Monday).

  6. yes its stocked, but even if you do have a giant budget, i advise you put a padlock on the fridge to keep people out...unless you want a 2000-3000 dollar charge on your card

    course with a birthdate of 05-08-1989 ru, i dont advise you go out in public after drinking from that minibar, after the sheraton fiasco on the bridge, if your not in the convention center where the staff will handle you being drunk, the cops will

  7. if i was a sane person, i would not even think about checking a thirteen year old in a room and leaving them by theirselves, whoever checks you in is responsible for that room, which alot of checker ins got a rude awakening to this year

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